easy hairstyles

Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, but unfortunately that doesn’t always apply to our hairstyle situation. Humidity causes frizz, and…

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Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The Best Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Many of us go through cycles of wanting to “chop it all off.” We want to change up our look,…

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hairstyles for round faces:

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you ever been told you have a round face? It might sound a little odd, but according to budding…

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Curly Hair Extensions

Who doesn’t want perfectly-tossed, natural waves in their mane? Pin-straight is definitely a sought after hairstyle, but that’s only when…

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Halo hair extensions

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Long, luscious locks have been a sought-after look since quite literally the beginning of time. We know having flowing, shiny…

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hair grow fast

How to Grow Hair Fast

Whether you’re trying to skip through an awkward phase in your hair growth, or are just trying to go for…

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hair websites

Top 13 Hair Websites in 2022

When you’re browsing the web for your next new look, it’s likely you have some go-to sites to find the…

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Brazilian Blowout

Everything You Need to Know about Brazilian Blowouts

You’ve probably seen the miraculous makeovers. You might have liked an Instagram picture or two with the caption “swipe for…

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tight curls

The Best Way to Style Tight Curls

The curliest of q’s likely started with the legendary Shirley Temple. Though it is rumored she didn’t have a single…

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hair extensions for thin hair

The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Thinning or fine hair can be a major source of insecurity in both women and men. While there are many…

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hairstyles for face shape

Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

We’ve all had a less than successful trip to the hair salon. It’s the classic “expectations vs. reality” moment that…

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Do real men use conditioner? Of course they do! And you should too. Sport Clips Haircuts DC in Columbia Heights explains why here.

Do Real Men Use Conditioner?

Don’t let anyone tell you taking care of your hair isn’t manly. Improving your style and keeping your hair healthy…

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