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Best Haircut Styles for Your Face Shape

Do you ever notice how certain haircuts look spectacular on some people and are total flops on others? It isn’t a secret. It’s science. This beauty and biological fact may be new to you, but it’s actually so well-known there is a Master Class on it. Experts say there are six main face shapes: round, oval, square, heart, diamond, and rectangle. Each unique formation has its own angles, contours, and lines (or lack thereof) that can be played up or down using a haircut or style. 

Your stylist learns all about the face’s features in their studies, and you can work more closely with them once you have a better grip on the subject yourself. Whatever your gender, understanding your face shape will give you a better idea of what haircuts you’ll kill it with. Ever wonder why your stylist suggests new styles, or flat out says “no” to your plans? We’ve got the answers to it all below.

Best Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

Round faces have wide, prominent cheeks that often make people look younger. They tend to have a symmetrical length and width in the forehead and chin and lack definition. The most complimentary cuts for women with round faces are those that add angles and length. Experimental haircuts like asymmetrical bobs, shaggy layers, or side-shaved pixie cuts are especially cool on round faces. Traditional styles like long layers, a swept side-bang and feathered waves give the same effect in a way that may be more comfortable.

Guys aren’t exempt from the rule. Men with round faces look most strapping with trendy styles like a pompadour, faux hawk, or a mid-fade. These cuts allow barbers to help you look your best by adding length and angles in a subtle way. Other styles you can ask for include a surfer or boho cut, adding layers to your lengthy locks, or getting a Jack Harlowe-esque perm for some curls in your life.

Best Haircuts for Square and Rectangular Face Shapes

Square face shapes usually have a pronounced jawline and a broad hairline. It is the same length and width with equally-sized cheekbones and forehead. The rectangle face shape is a longer, more oblong version of the square. People with square or rectangular faces may complain about many haircuts not working for them as some styles make their most striking features stand out more. However, there are some styles that can soften the otherwise angular face and give you an entirely new look. Anything that has sweeping bangs or layers or amplifies curls is a popular pick for many stylists working with square faces. Having your hair cut into a bob or face-framing layers sets off your strong jaw and chin. 

Men with square or rectangular faces have options as well, and barbers will know how to work with your angles if you bring it up. You might assume going full-shaved bald wouldn’t be good for a square face, but it actually shows off your angles. The same goes for a short crew cut or receded buzz; a square face tends to lean more “masculine” by default, so it works to embrace it. If you want to try something new, get a modern flat top to bring back the very-80s trend.

Best Haircuts for Heart-Shaped and Diamond-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by – wait for it – looking just like Cupid’s favorite prop. These faces have a lot of the same characteristics as a round face; wide cheeks, a broad hairline and soft features all define this face. A heart-shaped face has a more dainty, pointed chin, like the bottom of a heart does. Diamond-shaped faces are closely related to their heart-shaped cousins, with higher cheekbones and a narrower forehead. Women with heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces might want to ask their stylist for a haircut that takes away from the forehead and draws the eye down towards the chin. Long lobs with side-swept bangs are a gorgeous style for this shape as it flows with the natural build of the face. Shorter bobs and pixies are cute cuts on this shape as these women have both softness and angles to work with.

It’s likely men don’t dig hearing they have a heart-shaped face. Girls probably eat it up though. Guys with this face shape are prime candidates to rock the longer locks. This bohemian, shoulder-length style offsets the wide forehead and flows alongside the jaw. On-trend cuts like the textured quiff or a longer pompadour will give your suitors heart eyes. The fuller, volumized styles accentuate your natural look subtly.

Best Haircuts for Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces have a universal quality to them and can adopt almost any style or haircut. They’re longer than they are wide, and are balanced across the face. Chins are typically rounded and jawlines aren’t particularly angled. The forehead tends to be the widest part of an oval face. No matter what you have in mind, it’s likely that it will work with an oval face. Classic looks like long layers, choppy lobs, and full bangs are always on trend and complement your facial structure. If you’re looking to be a little avant-garde, a modern mullet or a flapper bob are perfect fits for your punk rock soul.

Men who don the oval face shape are equally as admired, but probably less enthused than women. Ask your barber for an undercut or a quiff if you’re trying to stay safe and in style at the same time. When you’re looking to seriously switch things up, try out a full-on mohawk or a buzz cut without any worries. These bold styles will work with your face’s natural length and balance.

Haircuts for Humans Gets Back to Basics

The team at Haircuts for Humans wants you to understand the why behind a bad hair day and the how behind having a good one. Our people take pride in dishing out seasonal trending cuts for everyone under the sun. If we’re wrong (which we rarely are) and you hate your new ‘do, the good news is it always grows back. Drop a comment and let us know what style you might take for a spin now that you know your face shape. 

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