hairstyles for round faces:

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Have you ever been told you have a round face? It might sound a little odd, but according to budding evidence, your face shape can say a lot about your personality. People with round faces are generally found to be trustworthy and are associated with youth; many are even called “baby face” as a term of endearment. Whether you believe the hype or not, one thing is undeniable: your face shape definitely determines what beauty looks work on you and which ones don’t. Emphasizing your natural features and finding what fits can often feel like a game of trial and error, but there’s much more to it. Haircuts for Humans is here to deliver the facts behind your face shape. We’ll dish on the do’s and don’ts for your face and dig up the best hairstyles for round faces.

First Things First: What’s a Round Face?

Determining your face shape can be hard when you see the same person in the mirror all day, every day. There are tell-tale signs to pin down how your mug is really molded and it makes all the difference in the beauty world. Round face shapes are possibly the easiest to spot; they always seem to be welcoming, friendly, and down-right cute, but that is just our humble opinion. Objectively, round faces are usually symmetrical and the same width and length. You’ll notice your angles are much softer than those with strong jawlines or cut cheekbones. The rounded edges in your face contribute to a youthful appearance and can make your cheeks a little chubbier (in the best way, duh). One issue a lot of people with round faces face is it might be difficult to make your features stand out. The lack of angles can make people appear less defined when they want to stand out. Don’t worry, we have the hacks, but first let’s point out some famous round faces so you get the gist.

A few of our faves are Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone. You’ll notice they have every facial feature noted above: the rounded shape, the symmetrical features, and the cutest cheeks ever. They all boast semi-soft jawlines and a seemingly equal length to width ratio (we haven’t whipped out the measuring tape, but it appears to be so). These gals also have some of the same personality traits associated with round facial structures. Even though they aren’t our friends, their personalities certainly make us feel like besties. They have a trustworthy, bubbly aura and a youthful effervescence about them. Are you feeling better about having a baby face yet? If not, keep scrolling, sweetie.

hairstyles for round faces hairstyles for round faces hairstyles for round faces

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What Works: The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

You might have noticed that our besties above all sporting similar hairstyles. The swept bang, waves, and lobs may be different textures and colors, but they’re all styled the same. These famous round faces know how to work with what they’ve got, after all they’re considered some of the most gorgeous queens on the face of the planet. If you want to join the ranks of these fierce round faces, all you have to do is work with what your mama gave ya’ (plus possibly visit a stylist). 

If you’re looking to create angles in your face, a side swept bang can help do the trick. The definition and sharpness of the style offers something to the eye; it creates lines your face might not naturally have and is as easy as a chop and sweep. The look is simple to maintain and a major bonus is it always seems to be in style. 

The easiest way to elongate your face is to create a crown with mega volume. The teasing and boosting of the root makes your face appear longer. Plus, who doesn’t want the extra va-va-voom? This can be achieved by using a dry shampoo, hairspray, and comb. If you’re more of a low-maintenance girl, try developing a volumizing hair routine in the shower. There are tons of volumizing shampoos and conditioners, and then a post-shower spray and blow-dry is all you’ll need to make that mane big and beautiful.

Some other styles that are particularly striking for round face shapes are layers and beach waves. A layered cut can achieve more angles for your softer shape and draws the eye to certain features in your face. Face-framing haircuts naturally create a slimming appearance no matter who is rocking the style. Layers come in several styles, so don’t feel like you’re locking your locks into one cut. You can opt for a shag, an asymmetrical cut (just one layer if you have commitment issues), or wispy-feathered layers a la the 1970s. 

Beach waves are pretty self-explanatory, but don’t fret, we’re going to explain anyway. Similar to the way layers create angles, beach waves create dimension to your soft-shaped face. The look gives your locks a lot of power; they lengthen your face and the loose curls mimic the shape of your cheeks (one of your best features). This forever-popular, tousled hairstyle is so easy to achieve it almost doesn’t make sense. One of the simplest ways to go wavy is to braid your hair post shower and sleep with the style. When you wake up, undo the braids and straighten the ends. After brushing through the waves, lock it in with a hairspray and give it a scrunch. You can also snag a beach wave spray that you can use right out of the shower, then blow-dry to perfection. 

hairstyles for round faces hairstyles for round faces hairstyles for round faces

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Haircuts to Avoid for Round Faces

Just like there are some hairstyle do’s for round faces, there are definitely some hairstyle don’ts.

  • Short and Sleek: The look is chic, yes, but not so flattering for your round face. It doesn’t offer much angle-wise and can make your face appear chubbier than it actually is. Avoid chopping it all off in a Britney-esque moment if you can resist the urge.
  • Jaw-length Bobs: This haircut will only soften your jaw more and unfortunately doesn’t do you any favors in terms of length. Try going a bit longer, like a lob, if you’re in the mood for shortening your mane. Plus, bobs are harder to volumize and beachify and we already agreed those looks are your go-tos. 
  • Slicked-back Center Ponies: A slicked style in general isn’t a good idea for round faces; it only amplifies the roundness and not in the best way. You aren’t offering the angles and dimensions your hair will need to make your beautiful face pop. Putting it in a ponytail is a double-whammy. Pulling up your hair and slicking it back then takes away a chance to elongate your face.

We’re Straight Shooters When It Comes to Style

Haircuts for Humans never wants you to step out looking like anything but your best. Our team is hair-obsessed and knows what it takes to make your natural self shine. Knowing your face shape can help you save time, money, and embarrassment when scrolling through your selfies. Consider us that friend who tells you what you need to hear, no matter what. We love hearing from our readers, round-faced or not; what style scoop do you want to see next? 

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