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Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

We’ve all had a less than successful trip to the hair salon. It’s the classic “expectations vs. reality” moment that leaves your hair looking like a hack-job, and you looking in the mirror wondering what could have possibly gone wrong. Sometimes your hair stylist will explain the style in the picture you ripped out of a magazine just won’t fit your face, but you insist on having them do it anyway. This unfortunate exchange isn’t exactly anyone’s fault, and it can definitely be avoided. 

You want to make sure your stylist is experienced in the trade and willing to communicate their professional opinions with you. It is also essential clients understand not every hairstyle is created equal, and with the exception of some unicorn-like celebrities, no one can rock every single style. Finding which hairstyle, color, and cut will fit with your face is the first step in narrowing down your next new look. Let’s get to the bottom of this buzz-worthy beauty topic.

Faces in Many Forms: Which Shape Feels Familiar?

You’ve probably seen someone get a new haircut or color and immediately forgot what they looked like before; the fresh style seems to be the one they’ve had all along and perfectly frames their face or brings out their stunning features. A lot of this has to do with a stylist executing a hairstyle that is the best fit for the client’s characteristics. The most basic facial shapes are round, heart, long, diamond, square, and oval. 

Your stylist can help you understand your face shape and suggest cuts, styles, and colors that will best compliment your looks. We’ll dive into facial structures and uncover the most suitable styles for each. Prepping yourself ahead of time and bringing in an idea that is right for you will make your salon experience and outcome better than you could have imagined. Let’s get realistic about recommendations so we can avoid needing a total makeover in the near future.

The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces and Heart-shaped Faces

Round faces (or heart-shaped) are sometimes described as “youthful” and have an even length and width, softer features, and less-defined angles. Selena Gomez and Chrissy Teigen are often referenced as the poster children of the cherub-like mugs. Heart-shaped faces can have the attention go to plump, supple cheeks. These face shapes are regularly dubbed “baby faces,” so hairstyles that offset that appearance are the perfect picks. 

  • Textured lobs are a stellar style choice for clients with round face shapes. The “long bob” has become increasingly popular in the past few years and strikes a perfect balance for people who can’t commit to a short cut and don’t have the patience to grow out their locks. The length fits a round face, as it doesn’t wash out the smaller structures, and texturing the cut gives it some volume to add intrigue to the style.
  • Center-parted beach waves are iconic for rounder face shapes as they assist in accentuating symmetry. People with shorter, circular facial structures tend to have a more natural balance of features. A center part allows the eye to be drawn to the harmony of a face and the tousled beach waves help offer some soft length to the face’s angles.

Styles that Work Well with Diamond and Square Faces

Diamond-shaped or square faces tend to boast stronger jawlines and more obvious angles. These facial structures have more prominent features that stand out on a face with highlighted cheekbones and even-sized foreheads and jaws. Some celebs that fit the bill for diamond or square-shaped mugs are Hailey Bieber and Gwenyth Paltrow. When it comes to cuts for more angular appearances, stylists will look to soften the stronger features and frame the natural lines of the face.

  • Side-swept, loose curls can offset the defined lines that come with diamond and square faces. Going for long, barrel curls that are romantic and dramatic will draw the eyes down, highlighting the length of your face. Having a more delicate do will give angular faces a chance to shine without overemphasizing strong features.
  • Textured, long layers play into your angles and give a unique juxtaposition to your face’s natural lines. Stylists can use your jawline and bone structure to create face-framing pieces celebrating your facial features. Long layers will also extend the length of your face and complement the width of your forehead and cheeks.

Hairstyles Cut out for Long, Oval-shaped Faces

People with longer, oval faces have a structure whose overall length outdoes the width. Oval-shaped faces tend to have narrower jawlines, elongated chins, and a broad forehead. Sleek styles that create dimension are chic choices for clients with long faces. People who have an oval shape to their face will want to move towards cuts that show off their face rather than hide any of its features. Sarah Jessica Parker is an ideal image of what a long face shape looks like, while Emma Roberts defines what an oval appearance entails. Long, oval faces are fairly versatile shapes, and a variety of haircuts and styles look fabulous on them.

  • Blunt bangs with lengthened locks are a fashion-forward haircut for long, oval faces. People with this face shape typically have fuller foreheads, so drastic bangs don’t take away from their other features. Longer faces have space for experimenting with different cuts and bang styles, and they help frame the eyes, which can get overshadowed on oval-shaped faces. Pairing a chic blunt bang with long, sleek locks is a trendy statement that works especially well on longer facial structures.
  • Long shags are making a comeback and are absolutely stunning on longer, oval faces. The length of the cut helps extend the natural flow of a longer face’s structure while the broken-up, fringy shag can add dimension and movement so the facial features don’t get drowned out. Shags give stylists the option to get creative and play with textures, layers, and volume to frame their client’s face. Long shags allow for a lot of freedom when it comes to styling and can be worn curly or straight to play up your facial structure.

Find Your Own Style

There is no one-style-fits-all when it comes to your hair. Find a hairstyle that makes you feel flawless and doesn’t leave you looking any less than your best. By studying your facial structure and understanding the cuts and styles that bring out your natural beauty, you will be able to narrow down the choices for your new do.

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