Effectively caring for men’s hair during the winter can mean changing products and some habits to help keep hair healthy in the cold, dry air. Learn how here!

Caring for Men’s Hair During the Winter in DC

When the weather outside is frightful, your hair might not feel so delightful. While there’s never a bad time to make sure you’re taking good care of your hair, it’s especially crucial to focus on giving your hair and scalp some TLC in the winter. Here are some of the best ways to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy as you take on the winter cold.

Cut Back on Washing Your Hair

“Wait, isn’t it gross not to wash my hair?” Not exactly. While conventional wisdom may make you think you need to wash your hair every day, it’s actually not good for your hair or scalp. Cutting back to every other day allows your hair to keep more of its natural oils, which prevents it from drying out and getting damaged.

And during the winter, you may even want to cut back to washing your hair only two or three times per week since the cold and dry air will make it easier for your hair and scalp to dry out. Plus, it won’t really be that gross since you’ll be sweating less in the cold!

Turn the Water Temperature Down

While nothing sounds better than a piping hot shower after being out in the frigid air, you’ll want to make sure you’re going easy on your hair. Hot water will dry out the scalp and wash away more of the natural oils you want to keep. So while it may feel good to soak up the heat, you’ll want to turn the temperature down when wetting and rinsing your hair.

Go Gentle When Drying

A common mistake men make when drying their hair is they begin vigorously scrubbing as if they’re trying to rub the paint off of a car. While this may dry your hair quickly, doing this also results in split ends, frizziness, and damaged follicles.

Instead, gently move your hair the way it grows and shake it out a little bit. After letting it dry for a minute, gently pat it down. It also helps to wait a minute before styling it since your hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet.

Avoid Tight Caps

The natural instinct during the cold and snowy days of winter in D.C. is to find a snug cap before heading out the door. And while you don’t want to just leave your head to face the cold, you’ll want to opt for a looser fitting cap. Tight caps create more friction as you take them off and put them back on, which can leave your hair damaged over time.

Use the Right Products

Maintaining your hair’s natural oils is one of the biggest priorities you should have when caring for your hair during the winter. Cleanse your hair with a natural shampoo free of harsh chemicals that won’t leave your hair dry, such as Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Special natural shampoo. Don’t forget to condition your hair as well using a natural conditioner.


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