What Is a V-Shape Haircut?

v shape haircut

V cuts are in for Fall of 2022. The haircut is made up of heavy-handed layering with an intense (you guessed it) “V” forming at the ends. The style has tons of pluses, and in our not-so-humble opinion the effortless dimension comes in at number one. Perhaps the “V” stands for “Va-Va-Voom,” as the cut…

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What Is the Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. Updated versions of old classics come back around decades later as if they were brand new, and we’re here for it. As it always does, the beauty world follows fashion’s lead, and the most popular haircuts for 2022 are blasts from the past. Whether you’re looking for something…

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Top 13 Hair Websites in 2022

hair websites

When you’re browsing the web for your next new look, it’s likely you have some go-to sites to find the trends you’re looking for. With the overload of content we take in every day, it’s helpful to have the right resources on hand to save time and energy. The perfect hair websites have three things…

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Should Men Cut Their Own Hair at Home?

Learn the tips and tricks of cutting your own hair.

If there’s ever been a year where the temptation to try cutting your own hair has been very real, it’s been 2020. And with the pandemic continuing to surge forward, the fear of more lockdowns continues to loom in everyone’s minds. But don’t break out your clippers and kitchen scissors just yet. While it may…

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5 Ways to Style Wavy Hair on Men

It can be easy for men with wavy or thick hair to feel a bit discouraged when trying out new styles. While wavy hair can be tricky to deal with, there are tons of ways to get creative. Here are some great styles for you to check out the next time you want to try…

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How to Get the Right Haircut from Your Stylist

Learn more about the ways to get the right haircut from your stylist

The main concern about getting a haircut for most men is whether or not they will end up with the style they are hoping for. Obviously, going to a shop with skilled hairstylists will be a great way to boost your chances at walking out with the look you want, but there are other steps…

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Best Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Learn more about the best fade haircuts for black men from Sport Clips Haircuts DC

When it comes to styling Black hair, a solid go-to cut to ask for is a quality fade. The classic style looks clean and can be customized for a party look, business professional, and everything in between. Even though the best fade haircuts are easily identifiable, there are tons of ways to create your own…

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Must-Have Short Hairstyles for Men

Get one of these must-have short hairstyles for men at Sport Clips Columbia Heights

If you want a trendy hairstyle to make a statement and feel more confident, you don’t have to start growing out your hair. You can keep things short and still make a great impression. There’s a lot more you can do with short hair than you may realize. Here are some great short hairstyles for…

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5 of the Most Popular Men’s Haircuts for 2021

See some of the most popular men's haircuts for 2021 from Sport Clips in Columbia Heights DC

We’re sure you’re already working on a long list of things to look forward to in 2021. One great thing to get excited about is the opportunity to revamp your style, which of course means finding new ideas for great-looking haircuts. Here are some of the most popular men’s haircuts for 2021 that will have…

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