Everything You Need to Know about 2c Hair

2c hair

Welcome back again, friend. We’re glad you’re as into this hair stuff as we are. You might have already checked out our article on the different types of hair, but now we are getting even more detailed with a dedication to our 2c cuties. Understanding what your hair type is can better your communication with…

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The Best Hairstyles with Claw Clips

hairstyles with claw clips

Finally, the 90s are back and here to stay. We’ve been waiting for this fashion-forward decade to reemerge, and we’re ready to totally lean into it. Outrageous outfits and glorious grunge have become staples in trendy girls’ closets everywhere, and hairstyles from the era are making a comeback as well. Accessories of every kind are…

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What Are the Different Types of Hair?

It’s no mystery that we don’t all wake up with the same hair. Yes, most of us have bed-head, but some of us are rocking one that is wild and curly while others are rising from our slumbers sleek and straight. Understanding what type of hair you have can save you a lot of hassle…

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The Best Haircut for a Receding Hairline

Receding hairlines get a bad rap. The phrase itself just doesn’t sound nice, and we don’t usually associate it as a desired feature. But, the list of hot men with receding hairlines just keeps growing (like your hairline…too soon?) and we love ourselves a Chris Meloni, Dwyane Johnson, and Sting type of beat. Those men…

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What is the Best Oval Face Haircut?

oval face haircut

We’re getting even more up in your face. Well, more like we’re dishing more on what haircuts work best for your face shape. Haircuts for Humans is here to give you a good hair day, every day, and that means understanding the ins and outs of what manes look magnificent with your mug. Let’s get…

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Cute Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Kids

Most kids hate – no abhor – having their hair touched in any capacity. It seems like such a waste of time (and painful at that) to have their delicate strands tussled with your rough hands. There are a lot of ways to get kids on board with letting their hair be styled, namely bribery,…

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Top 3 Types of Hair Braids

types of hair braids

Everyone remembers when they finally learned to braid. We slaved over our Barbie dolls and tied their hair in knots. We used our siblings as our guinea pigs and put lopsided loops on their heads. We were overjoyed at sleepovers to test our newly acquired skills and braid every mane in sight. As we got…

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What You Need to Know about Hair Highlights

hair highlights

Getting highlights as a teen might have been your first introduction to the world of styling your hair. Moms let their adolescents dabble with hair color without going overboard, and many of our at-home DIY highlights may have photo evidence that haunts us. However, getting highlights professionally is a beauty trend that is tried and…

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Best Haircut Styles for Your Face Shape

best haircut

Do you ever notice how certain haircuts look spectacular on some people and are total flops on others? It isn’t a secret. It’s science. This beauty and biological fact may be new to you, but it’s actually so well-known there is a Master Class on it. Experts say there are six main face shapes: round,…

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Best Men’s Haircuts for Summer

haircuts for summer

Hot Boy Summer is a thing, whether Megan Thee Stallion said it or not. Yes, men may not pay quite as much attention to their appearance, but the hair has to be on point. We’ve seen a lot of experimental styles become more mainstream, and some classics have stuck around for the summer. Men tend…

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