The Best Hairstyles with Claw Clips

hairstyles with claw clips

Finally, the 90s are back and here to stay. We’ve been waiting for this fashion-forward decade to reemerge, and we’re ready to totally lean into it. Outrageous outfits and glorious grunge have become staples in trendy girls’ closets everywhere, and hairstyles from the era are making a comeback as well. Accessories of every kind are…

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What Is the Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. Updated versions of old classics come back around decades later as if they were brand new, and we’re here for it. As it always does, the beauty world follows fashion’s lead, and the most popular haircuts for 2022 are blasts from the past. Whether you’re looking for something…

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Curly Hair Extensions

Who doesn’t want perfectly-tossed, natural waves in their mane? Pin-straight is definitely a sought after hairstyle, but that’s only when you have the option to make it that way. We always want what we can’t have, and that seems especially true when it comes to our physical appearance. Embracing our innate beauty is essential to…

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What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions

Long, luscious locks have been a sought-after look since quite literally the beginning of time. We know having flowing, shiny hair is beautiful, but why do we think so? Many experts believe the explanation is biological in nature: In order to have long, thick hair you have to be healthy, which signifies a functioning reproductive…

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The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

hair extensions for thin hair

Thinning or fine hair can be a major source of insecurity in both women and men. While there are many products that claim to remedy your roots, few things work as well as hair extensions. There are tons of options out there when it comes to adding length and volume. Let’s look at some of…

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