Do real men use conditioner? Of course they do! And you should too. Sport Clips Haircuts DC in Columbia Heights explains why here.

Do Real Men Use Conditioner?

Don’t let anyone tell you taking care of your hair isn’t manly. Improving your style and keeping your hair healthy is a great way to boost your confidence and show off who you are. And if you’re looking for a new way to improve your hair care routine, it’s time to join the ranks of real men who use conditioner.

What Is Conditioner, and Why Do I Need It?

Many men think using shampoo on its own is sufficient for cleansing and caring for their hair. However, using shampoo is just the first step of what ought to be a two-step process. We get it, time is precious and you may not think it’s worth it to add a second step to the process of washing your hair, but you’ll be glad you did once you see and feel the great results.

Shampoo is designed specifically to wash off dirt, grime, and old hair products, which is essential for good hygiene. However, many shampoos can be a bit rough on hair and dried hair after shampooing tends to lack oils, making it harder to comb without damaging it. But by adding healthy oils back in with conditioner, you can make it much easier to shape your hair how you like while giving it the nutrients it needs to stay strong.

Dry hair actually carries a negative charge and conditioner adds a positive charge to your hair, which prevents hair from sticking together. This further helps your hair feel nice and soft while making brushes and combs slide through your hair with less friction.

Conditioner also replenishes your scalp with oils and nutrients, helping you avoid dandruff while improving comfort all day long.

How to Apply Conditioner

There are generally two different types of conditioners: conventional conditioners and leave-in conditioners. With conventional hair conditioners, you’ll gently massage a quarter-sized amount of the product into your hair after you’ve shampooed and rinsed. After thoroughly applying the conditioner to your hair and scalp, rinse it out using lukewarm water.

Leave-in conditioner, as the name suggests, is hair conditioner you leave in your hair. Many leave-in conditioners also work great as subtle hair styling products that nourish your hair. After drying your hair, spread the product on your palms and move it through your hair before shaping it with your hands or a brush.

Best Conditioner Real Men Use

There are a wide variety of hair conditioners for men, including some designed specifically for beards.

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer by Paul Mitchell: This multi-purpose product works great as a hair styler and a post-shave product to soothe the skin. Thanks to natural tea tree oils, this leave-in conditioner will help keep stray hairs under control while giving you a natural look.

Tea Tree Conditioner by Paul Mitchell: Ideal for applying to your hair after shampooing, this natural conditioner replenishes your hair and scalp with healthy oils to help you avoid dryness.

Beard Oil by MVRCK: The hair on your scalp isn’t the only hair that needs conditioning. Keep your beard frizz-free and soft using this pleasant-smelling blend of natural oils.


So yes, real men use conditioner, and you should too. To find the best conditioners for a healthy head of hair and to enjoy a new look with a fresh haircut, book your appointment at Sports Clips Haircuts DC in Columbia Heights today!

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