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Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, but unfortunately that doesn’t always apply to our hairstyle situation. Humidity causes frizz, and long, thick locks make hot days even hotter. As you’re pulling out your cutest outfits from your closet, you might realize it’s your hair that will cause the fashion faux pas. Don’t fret, you’ll still have a Hot Girl Summer with the help of Haircuts for Humans. Breeze through these easy hairstyles for summer to pin down some looks that make things simpler this season. Whether you’re a curly girl, a long-locked beauty, or don a short-and-sweet kind of cut, there’s a summer style made for your mane—from achieve-it-then-leave-it looks to pretty-in-a-pinch, last-minute styles.

Eye-catching and Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Summer calls for fashionistas to be stylish and comfortable at the same time, and we have to consider what the weather holds in store for our looks once we step outside. Dealing with our hair is sometimes an afterthought, and as temperatures rise, so can our frustration with taming our manes. Luckily, the world wide web has provided us with a treasure trove of DIY styles that take just minutes to execute. Ponies, updos, and boho braids will be your best friends this season, and you don’t have to be a pro to get the look.

The No-Maintenance Box Braid

Box braids have been around for ages, literally; the style first came on the scene 3,000 years ago in Egypt. It crept back into popularity in the 90s with Janet Jackson sporting the style in her film, Poetic Justice (the braids are even referred to by the movie title). Stars have recently readopted the trend, incorporating waist-length extensions into the tightly-knit braids. The look isn’t just trendy, it is a set-it-and-forget-it type of flex. Though box braids can take a few hours to finish, the final style will last for up to six weeks. You have the option of having your braids done by a professional or going for an at-home version by following a tutorial. Either way, you’ll love the finished product and will have fun experimenting with the chic version of dreads. Style in a big bun, put them in a side-swept pony, or braid those braids! 

easy hairstylesPhoto 1: www.marieclaire.com

The Care-Free Fishtail

Fishtails are the laid-back cousin of the traditional French Braid. The flowy, loose hairdo lends itself to a festival fad–the perfect fit for summer. The style pairs with both casual clothing and glamorous garb, depending on what you do with it. Add flowers or gems throughout the tail for pretty details, or throw on a headscarf to complement the bohemian vibe. A fishtail can be achieved in less than five minutes using a braiding technique minus one strand of hair. Check out a tutorial to nail the look and then experiment with your finished braid. Pull on the tail in a horizontal motion to make it appear wider and then let some loose strands fall out to frame your face and add to the effortless look. Have fun with your fishtail by tying in a ribbon at the top of the tail and incorporating it into one of your two chunks of hair; it will add an unexpected pop of color to your coiffe.

easy hairstyles
Photo 2: www.marieclaire.com

The Get-Low Glamor Pony

We’ve been collectively wearing ponytails since our mothers could pull enough hair on our heads together. The style might not seem groundbreaking, but man, has it made some revolutionary developments since its inception. We aren’t just talking about “get this hair out of my face” kind of ponytails, we’re talking about artistry. Ponies are multi-faceted miracles for our mane, and elegance has never been easier than with the low ponytail. 

If you have naturally curly hair, this look should be a go-to for a girl’s night out, but you can curl in some messy waves beforehand if you’re a straight-haired hottie. Lightly brush out your curls to make waves perfectly messy, and then gather them at the nape of your neck. Secure the pony with a hair tie and then pull out a one-inch chunk of hair from the ponytail. Wrap the strand around your hair tie and fasten it with a bobby pin to hide it. Pull gently on your ponytail to tighten it and then tousle your hair by the crown to create fullness. Afterwards, let out a few strands right above your ears and by the front of the face to finish off the look.

easy hairstylesPhoto 3: www.pinterest.com

The Retro Remix Pony

This one goes out to our pin-straight people looking to get even sleeker this summer. The 60s always come back full-force when the weather warms up, and even ponytails take a page from the famously fashionable decade. Slicked-back tresses have shown up on red carpets across the globe, and it’s not only the perfect way to hide frizz, but will also show off your top-notch high ponytail. Apply a gel or mousse product to damp hair and comb your top layer in a backwards motion, away from the face, to begin creating the slicked style. As you gather your locks to the top of your head, keep a comb on hand to smooth out any bumps in the front of your crown, and pull tightly before securing with a hair tie. 

Blow dry your hair on low to set the spray or mousse and dry the damp ponytail. Once finished, use a big-barrel curling iron or straightener to begin getting the flipped-out throwback style. Straighten the length of the pony from the top to halfway to the bottom; once you have about two inches left of the hair, flip the iron outwards to create the turned-out ends. Tie an old-school bow around the hair tie, or add an oversized barrette to channel the Sock Hop style.

easy hairstylesPhoto 4: www.glamour.com

Hot Girl Summer: Haircuts for Humans Turns Up the Heat

We’re here for you as the temperature rises; we feel your pain about staying pretty while keeping cool. You don’t have to sacrifice your style in order to brave the brutal heat and humidity, and we know you all can rock a version of these easy hairstyles for summer. We’d love to check out your interpretation of these pin-worthy ponies and bodacious braids. Leave a comment with how you achieved the look and let us know some summer styles you’re thinking of trying this season.

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