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Everything You Need to Know about 2c Hair

Welcome back again, friend. We’re glad you’re as into this hair stuff as we are. You might have already checked out our article on the different types of hair, but now we are getting even more detailed with a dedication to our 2c cuties. Understanding what your hair type is can better your communication with your stylist and also allow you to pick up products that actually work for you. It’s key to know the ins and outs of what type of mane you’re rocking, and we love sharing our knowledge with those who truly care for their hair.

If you’re here, you probably already know you have Type 2 hair, that in-between beauty of straight and curly. Wavy hair is a highly sought-after type, and Type 2C is the curliest it gets before going into Shirley Temple twists. Let’s learn more about these beautiful strands and find out how to care for them best.

What is 2C Hair?

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Hairchart via Byrdie.com


Curl type is a bit more twisted than you might have previously thought (in the best way possible). Your hair is an intricate, beautiful mystery to understand and take care of, and getting to know more about your type can help the process. As you might have learned in our previous post, the four types of hair are Straight (Type 1), Wavy (Type 2), Curly (Type 3), and Coily/Kinky (Type 4). There’s a lot to uncover once you begin to stare a little closer at your strands, and there’s a good chance you fall in between types. That is exactly where Type 2c comes into play, floating between Type 2 and Type 3 hair. 

The letters associated with each hair type speak to the curl’s diameter, and C is the tighter version. Women who seek “beachy waves” are typically going for a copycat of the 2c, a wave that has body and substance to it. Type 2c is as sassy as it gets before turning into a full-blown curl, and with the proper care and products you can amplify its body. If you’re a natural 2c person, you should know you’re truly too blessed to be stressed. Tons of people slave over their locks to achieve the spirals you wake up with. If you find yourself frustrated with your mane, perhaps you just need to learn its love language. 

Chrissy Teigen’s beachy waves via Cosmopolitan


How to Care for 2c Hair

If you’re fairly certain you have Type 2c, you’re probably no stranger to frizz as a result of humidity. This super-wavy type of strand has a tendency to get a little out of control when the heat is turned up, but there are ways to remedy that. The first (and easiest) way to tame your frizz-prone mane is to wash it less. Yes, that’s it – be lazier. Drying out your curls by shampooing too often can make frizz a lot worse. Let your natural oils work their magic and give your hair a much needed break.

Full wavy hair routine via Curl Smith


Another way to reel in the frizz is to invest in products made for curly hair. Even if you don’t necessarily identify as a curly girl, your wavy strands need the same sort of TLC. Products that hydrate curls, detangle hair, and prevent heat damage can seal in the good stuff and keep your follicles healthy. Make sure to look for moisture-rich products that can be used in your normal shower routine, then 1-2 times a week for maintenance. 

A best-kept beauty secret is the power of the pillowcase. Getting your hands on a silk pillowcase can prevent breakage as you lay your head down at night. Wrapping your hair with a silk bandana is another effective way to protect your curls from unwanted frizz.

The Best Cuts for Type 2c Hair

You’ve probably learned to live with your curls, but the goal should be to learn to love them. One of the simplest ways to do this is to find a hairstyle that compliments your waves. Embracing your curls is best done by wearing them down; let your locks flow free and show off that highly sought-after bounce. Professional stylists recommended longer haircuts to really show off the full volume and dimension of Type 2c hair. This can be achieved with long layers, angular shags, and simplistic face-framing cuts.

Wavy shag via Pinterest


If you’re more of a “long hair, definitely care” kind of person, have no fear, there are short styles that work just as well. Collaborate with your stylist to find a lob or crop cut that still has the ability to incorporate bits of length. You’ll want to keep some layers in the cut so your waves will still be the star of the show. Watching the way your stylist finishes the look is a killer way to get the inside scoop on your curls. Watch their brushing and blow drying technique, and ask what kinds of products they recommend. 

Haircuts for Humans: Our Hair is Full of Secrets

We really just wanted to use an ode to Mean Girls, but our team does work hard to deliver you all you need to know about your hair. We love learning about the different types of hair out there, what works for your face shape, and finding trending styles you might not have heard of. Whether you’re a hair fanatic or just getting into the beauty biz, it’s powerful to be equipped with knowledge before you hit the salon. Understanding your hair’s characteristics and what works for you will allow you to better work with your stylist and collaborate on new cuts and colors. What tips do you have for keeping your Type 2c hair in tip-top shape?

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