What Is Hair Pomade and Do I Need It?

Despite it’s funny name, hair pomade can give you the style you want. Learn what hair pomade is and how to use it from Sport Clips DC.

Getting a quality haircut is just the start of achieving your perfect style. You’ll also want to find the right hair products. For many men, a high-quality hair pomade is the best way to complete your new look! What Is Hair Pomade? You likely have heard of pomade at this point, but a lot of…

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The Worst Men’s Hairstyles in Movies

We’ve all seen them - cringeworthy hairstyles actors are forced to endure. Here are some of the worst men’s hairstyles in movies.

While the men portrayed on the big screen often have beautiful hair that most men would use as inspiration, there are plenty of times when characters on-screen have hairstyles that are the perfect examples of what NOT to ask for from your barber or stylist. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy movies you definitely…

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Is a Man Bun Right for You?

You’re a guy with a sense of style, but is a man bun right for you? Learn about the different man bun options from Sport Clips DC here!

Did you think the man bun craze was over? Well, think again! The man bun is alive and well and men are finding fun ways to make the style fresh and exciting. So if you’ve been thinking about growing out your hair to rock this style, you can be confident this look is here to…

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Caring for Men’s Hair During the Winter in DC

Effectively caring for men’s hair during the winter can mean changing products and some habits to help keep hair healthy in the cold, dry air. Learn how here!

When the weather outside is frightful, your hair might not feel so delightful. While there’s never a bad time to make sure you’re taking good care of your hair, it’s especially crucial to focus on giving your hair and scalp some TLC in the winter. Here are some of the best ways to keep your…

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Top 10 Hairstyles of the 2020 Football Season

Learn more about the top 10 hairstyles of the 2020 football season.

There’s a lot to love about every NFL season. And while the traditional big crowds haven’t been a major part of this year’s gridiron action, it’s still been an awesome year for another reason—the great-looking hairstyles, of course! While these players obviously put lots of effort into staying in shape and racking up impressive stats…

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Should Men Cut Their Own Hair at Home?

Learn the tips and tricks of cutting your own hair.

If there’s ever been a year where the temptation to try cutting your own hair has been very real, it’s been 2020. And with the pandemic continuing to surge forward, the fear of more lockdowns continues to loom in everyone’s minds. But don’t break out your clippers and kitchen scissors just yet. While it may…

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Solutions for Men with Thinning Hair

Learn about the solutions for men with thinning hair.

As men age, they often notice that their hair has noticeably thinned out. In fact, most men will experience some degree of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 35. So what can you do to restore your hair to its former glory?  While hair loss is largely due to genetics, you…

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13 Facts About Men’s Hair

Learn more about 13 facts about Men's Hair

Since you carry your head of hair with you everywhere you go, you may not stop to give it much thought. But there are some curious facts about men’s hair that can make you appreciate your stylish strands even more. Here are some fun facts about your hair that may surprise you.  If you’re planning…

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5 Ways to Style Wavy Hair on Men

It can be easy for men with wavy or thick hair to feel a bit discouraged when trying out new styles. While wavy hair can be tricky to deal with, there are tons of ways to get creative. Here are some great styles for you to check out the next time you want to try…

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How to Get the Right Haircut from Your Stylist

Learn more about the ways to get the right haircut from your stylist

The main concern about getting a haircut for most men is whether or not they will end up with the style they are hoping for. Obviously, going to a shop with skilled hairstylists will be a great way to boost your chances at walking out with the look you want, but there are other steps…

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