hair extensions for thin hair

The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Thinning or fine hair can be a major source of insecurity in both women and men. While there are many products that claim to remedy your roots, few things work as well as hair extensions. There are tons of options out there when it comes to adding length and volume. Let’s look at some of the best hair extensions for thin hair.

Good hair days can be hard to come by. Unless you’re born blessed with naturally luscious, long locks, it’s likely that hair care is part of your everyday beauty routine. Every head of hair comes with its own set of issues. You might have frizzy strands, maybe your hair gets greasy easily, or you struggle with dry and brittle breakage. The good news is most manes can be saved with some TLC by enlisting an expert stylist and using a line of killer products. However, one of the more annoying troubles for your tresses comes down to thickness (or lack thereof). 

If you’re looking to add some oomph to flimsy, fine hair, extensions are guaranteed to deliver instant gratification. You’ll have to do some research to make sure the option you go with fits your budget and your particular needs. User reviews are a great way to get the inside scoop. You can also ask your stylist which hair extension selections they recommend for your hair type and consistency, especially if you’re battling hair loss or breakage. The most effective and safe solutions for thinning hair are hand-tied, halo, and tape-in extensions. Choosing one of these three lengthening options will make sure you’re getting your desired look without compromising your already-fragile locks.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Hand-tied hair extensions can be more costly than other types, but the quality and artisanship is unparalleled. A stylist will hand-sew each weft of hair close to your scalp using small beads that connect the extension to your natural hair. This process can be time-consuming, as the hair stylist needs to attach the extensions in tightly-knit rows, but the finished product is natural looking and customizable to your needs. This technique doesn’t strain your natural hair as much as other types of extensions can and allows you to build upon the volume and length as you go.

Halo Extensions

Halo extensions have become a popular alternative to salon-styled extensions because people can add length and volume at home. Several brands offer the Halo model of hair, which utilizes a clear wire to temporarily place the loop of extensions on your head like a headband. The wire is nearly invisible and sits at the base of your head, giving you length and volume in a way that appears naturally blended. The product continues to remain in demand as it is affordable, incredibly easy to install, and saves both time and money compared to going to the salon. The halo extension alternative doesn’t rip or pull on your natural strands, ensuring you won’t continue to thin your hair in the process.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a wise choice for those who are wary of hair loss. The technique involves layering one extension underneath and on top of a section of hair to create a blended effect. Tape-in extensions don’t require heat or dangerous adhesives, and for people who have thinning hair, one-sided extensions are a great alternative to avoid damage. It is recommended that people seeking tape-ins go to a salon to get the process done properly. The final look is seamless and the extensions are hard to detect since the tape is thin and pliable. The extensions come in several individual pieces so users can create a look that fits their personal hair goals.

Bad Ideas for Fine Hair

Though there are endless types of extensions available, some varieties should be avoided if you have thinning hair or are prone to hair loss. Your stylist will be able to give you a professional opinion on which types of extensions will work best for your hair, but it never hurts to do some of the digging for yourself. Some hair extensions are extremely heavy and will put too much pressure on your roots and scalp, causing already brittle hair to break. You’ll have to look into the weight of the extensions you’re considering and might have to scale back how many pieces you add. 

In addition to hair type and quality, it’s important to choose a technique your natural hair can withstand. There are certain processes that are popular, but definitely risky for people with thin or fine hair. Clip-in hair extensions are hugely popular, but the constant removal of the wefts can bother your natural hair, causing it to thin and loosen. The clips can be uncomfortable and pull at your hair near the roots, which leads to unnecessary stress and damage. This option is also better for people with thick hair because the clips can show through fine, thin hair and won’t easily blend.

Microlink extensions and fusion extensions are also not viable options for people with thinning hair. These techniques are intensive and drag down your natural hair at the root. Microlink extensions are best for coarse, full hair. The “link” attached at the root is sealed with a pair of pliers, making the apparatus extremely tight on your natural hair and adding a heavy pressure. Fusion extensions require heat to melt the plastic tip to the top of your scalp. This process isn’t recommended for hair that is already damaged and thinning as it will increase your chance of breakage.

Always do your own research, then enlist a haircare professional to get the job done right. It’s great to go to the salon with your own knowledge as a resource, but an expert stylist will be able to look at your hair first-hand and tell you what is feasible for you and your hair type. 

Haircuts for Humans is all about putting humanity back in hairstyling, taking into account each individual’s needs and delivering a final look that makes them feel good in the skin they’re in. Whenever you’re thinking about making a major decision like getting extensions, we encourage you to reach out to a professional and get their point of view. If you have thinning hair or a fine texture, you can’t afford to damage your already-fragile locks.

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