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The Best Hair Products for Men and Boys

The perfect way to complete your new look when you get a stylish haircut is to walk out of the barbershop with the right hair products. Far too often, men overlook the importance of carefully picking out products for their hair. But once you give them a try, you’ll never want to go back!

Best Shampoos for Men

The health and style of your hair begins as soon as you step in the shower. Shampoo does far more than just cleanse your hair. The right shampoo will keep your hair healthy and looking amazing.

Tea Tree Shampoo: an essential entry in Paul Mitchell’s lineup of tea tree hair products, this shampoo features natural peppermint for a refreshing sensation as you wash and scrub your scalp. The tea tree oil helps moisturize your hair while helping you fight off bacterial and fungal growth.

Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo: with the help of natural amino acids, this shampoo provides a refreshing cleanse while strengthening hair and improving shine.

Best Conditioner for Men

You can further boost the health of your hair when you apply conditioner to your hair after cleansing. You can find conventional conditioners that you rinse out in the shower after massaging into your scalp, or opt for leave-in conditioners that moisturize and style your hair.

Tea Tree Conditioner: applying this conditioner to your hair allows you to harness the natural benefits of tea tree oil, which prevents moisture loss while detangling your hair.

Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner: if you want more volume out of your hair or want to accentuate existing thickness, the natural oils in this conditioner will help you get your perfect look while keeping your hair healthy.

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer: this leave-in conditioner is a good multi-use product to have on hand. The natural oils help soothe and moisturize skin and you can use this product as a post-shave treatment and subtle hair-shaper.

Best Hair Gel for Men

When you want to get an eye-catching look with your beautiful locks or curls, the right hair gel will always come in handy.

Steady Grip: This entry into Paul Mitchell’s Mitch M lineup of styling products provides a confident hold while helping you avoid flakes. The firm hold also still allows your hair to maintain a natural look.

Tea Tree Mint Lavender Defining Gel: make the most out of the natural texture of your hair while moisturizing and nourishing your scalp with this firm gel. Plus, you’ll love the extra shine in your hair.

Other Great Hair Products for Men

You can find specialty products to give your hair a boost of health and style that will last.

MVRCK by Mitch Grooming Spray: simply spray this product onto your hair for a firm hold and pleasant shine. If you want to really shape your hair and add height, this hairspray will give you the grip you need.

MVRCK by Mitch Original Pomade: for easy styling and healthy shine, simply run this medium pomade through your hair as you get ready for the day. The formula allows you to easily wash the product out, so you can quickly change up your style.

Hair Products for Boys

Boys who sport slightly longer styles can also benefit from the right products. Glop and Glam is a hair product line designed specifically for kids. The products are natural and organic, so your child isn’t being exposed to any harsh chemicals or allergens. All Glop and Glam kids products contain natural lice-preventing Neem oil (Azadirachta Indica) and Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), providing daily protection from these unwanted pests. And kids will be happy to know that the products are never tested on animals.

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