hairstyles with claw clips

The Best Hairstyles with Claw Clips

Finally, the 90s are back and here to stay. We’ve been waiting for this fashion-forward decade to reemerge, and we’re ready to totally lean into it. Outrageous outfits and glorious grunge have become staples in trendy girls’ closets everywhere, and hairstyles from the era are making a comeback as well. Accessories of every kind are showing up across the globe; from hair wraps to headbands, scrunchies to scarves, it seems the more you can fit in your mane, the better. One throwback trend we’re particularly excited about is the return of the claw clip. The somewhat bulky, definitely bold accessory comes in all shapes and sizes (special shout out to the butterfly clip) and Haircuts for Humans is ready to dish on the best hairstyles with claw clips to get the quintessential 90s look.


Are Claw Clips Back in Style?

Praise the style gods, because claw clips are back and better than ever. Big, small, and classic styles – whoever decided claws were back in style did not hold back. The options are endless, and the accessory has become a statement piece you don’t want to live without. Not only are claw clips in fashion, they are super functional and help with bad hair days and time crunches alike. You can grab a claw to separate hair while straightening or curling, or use one to throw up your mane in a messy bun instead of tangling it with a hair tie. Utilizing a claw clip is an effortless way to achieve a “messy” updo that doesn’t feel restrictive or too tight to the head. You can easily pull out strands to frame your face and customize the look any way you’d like. Claw clips are the main character moment your hair has been pining after; stand out and level up your style simply by choosing the perfect pincher.


Quick Snips on Claw Clips

If you’re not a 90s baby, or even if you are and can’t recall this trend, you may have some questions about the claw clip. We’ve gotten used to our scrunchies and hair ties, leaning on them in our times of need. We’ve slaved over our hair, inserting bobby pins and tying in tiny rubber bands to hold our hair in place. It’s time to bring the claw clip into your rotation, because baby, the benefits are boundless. Whether you grab just one or start a collection, we promise you’ll thank us for this accessory addition.

Are Claw Clips Bad for Your Hair?

No! Claw clips are actually extremely useful for saving your strands while still offering quick style options. Elastics (especially on wet or damp hair) can cause breakage and easily tangle your hair. Claw clips are designed to hold your hair in place without getting intertwined with your hair. Textures and lengths don’t matter when it comes to the claw, there is literally something that will work for every type of hair out there. 

Do Claw Clips Work On Thin Hair?

Claw clips are actually an awesome alternative to scrunchies or hair ties when it comes to thinning hair. The design is gentler on your already sensitive hair and won’t pull on your strands that are compromised. You won’t have to worry about increased damage or breakage, and claws can actually help you in rebuilding your hair’s health. An added bonus is you can style your hair with a clip in a way that creates the illusion of fullness by pulling gently on the crown of the hair and letting loose strands fall beside your face.  

Do Claw Clips Work On Thick Hair?

Yes, but of course. As we mentioned, there’s a claw clip for absolutely everyone, including those extra thick heads of hair. People with more hair will need to be a bit more selective when shopping for the right claw clip, but the options are truly endless. It’s best to go for strong, bigger clips to make sure your hairstyle will stay in place and your strands will be secured. Rounded, interlocking teeth work incredibly to catch all of your hair at once. It might be smart to invest in a more durable, higher-end clip as thicker hair could cause cheaper versions to break easily.

The Best Hairstyles with Claw Clips

Drumroll please…we’ve searched and scrolled to find the easiest (and trendiest) hairstyles that can be accomplished using a claw clip. Instagram feeds everywhere are flooded with simple DIY looks where the claw is the star of the show. The throwback accessory has turned up on celebrities and influencers alike, making looks accessible to 90s-lovers everywhere. Summer is the prime time to take these styles for a spin; get your hair out of your face while slaying at the same time. Here’s our top three twists to try out today.

The Flip and Tuck

hairstyles with claw clips

Claw clip updo via @ellenjasmin on Instagram

Think of this look as the claw clip’s take on the messy bun. Simple, seamless, and effortlessly cool – a quick flip and tuck can be worn casually or even on a date night. Grab your hair in a low pony at the base of your neck. Twist the pony and pull upwards, then take the top of the strands and meet them back at the bottom. Secure the updo in the middle of the section with a large claw. Gently pull strands at the top of the clip and by the sides of your face to loosen up the look.

The Half-Up Waterfall

hairstyles with claw clips

Claw clip updo via @styled_by_savv on Instagram

This look is giving mermaid vibes and we are here for it. Half-up, half-down styles are a go-to when you’re having those indecisive days. This claw clip hairstyle takes just seconds to achieve, and works with hair of any texture and length. Section your strands towards the top of your crown and pull to the back of your head. Lift the bottom few inches at the base, as if you’re about to secure a ponytail, and place the clip to hold it up instead of tying it in place. Loosen your bangs or a few strands to frame your face. The finished look is flowy and princess-like, and it creates added volume with minimal effort.

The Side Sweep

hairstyles with claw clips

Claw clip updo via @afroanihairlove on Instagram

Elegance has never been so easy. This side-swept trend is perfect for getting hair away from your face while appearing to be glam at the same time. The best part of this style is how customizable it is. Choose a clip with a fun pattern or studded gems to level up the look. How much hair you want to secure is completely up to you. Part your hair to the side, leaving a dramatic amount either on the right or left, and pull the smaller half upwards towards the crown. Secure the strands at the base of your scalp and let the rest of your hair flow naturally.

Haircuts for Humans Loves the 90s

We are huge fashion fans of every decade, but we have to admit we’re partial to the 90s. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or maybe it’s the perfectly good excuse to wear out-there looks, but either way we couldn’t be more thrilled about the trends making a comeback. As always, we’d love to see how you try out these looks on your locks, and want to hear about other styles you’ve tried with claw clips. We know we aren’t the only ones stoked about these styles, so jump on in and fan-girl with us.

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