Do you remember men’s hairstyles from the 80s? Find out how they’re making a comeback from Sport Clips DC in Columbia Heights.

The Best Men’s Hairstyles from the 80s

Sometimes, the most fun way to update your hairstyle is to look to look back in time. While style is always evolving, trends from decades ago have been known to resurface in a fresh way. When it comes to the 80s, there are certainly plenty of looks that should stay in the past, but there are also some exciting ways men are bringing back iconic styles from this decade.


Yup. We’re starting off with a bang here. Simultaneously one of the most iconic and most made-fun-of hairstyles from the 80s, men are finding ways to make this hairstyle modern and exciting.

The key with the modern mullet is to keep things subtle and loose. The new take on the mullet tends to keep the side shorter with a slight blend into longer hair on top. And of course, the hair on the back distinctly hangs down in all its glory.

Jheri Curl

Worn by the likes of Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, and other legendary Black musicians, the Jheri Curl can be worn with a variety of hair lengths. This variation of the perm results in loose curls with a glossy sheen, creating a distinctive and fresh look.

Flat Top flat top

This is another Black hairstyle that is instantly recognizable as a retro style, yet it works perfectly well for the modern age. The flat top pairs nicely with a high fade and can be as bold or subdued as you like. As your hair grows out, you can experiment with going higher or keep it short for less maintenance.

Shoulder Length Hair shoulder length hair

While the hippie movement saw men letting their hair keep growing and growing, the shoulder length look was a clear differentiator of 80s style. This look now has timeless appeal and works great for a wide variety of hair textures.

Wild Natural Curls wild natural curls

It’s well-known that the 80s was dominated by curly hairstyles and many men with naturally curly hair opted to show off their curls rather than keeping their hair short. This trend is coming back in a big way and can be achieved with careful trimming and a little patience.

Slicked Back Hair slicked back hair

Typically shown on the elite and affluent men on Wall Street in the 80s, the slicked back hairstyle is a classy look that’s perfect for everyday wear today.

Short Curtain Style

A great look for straight and wavy hair, this iconic 80s men’s hairstyle results in a suave look and confident swagger. The style stays high and tight while letting the front hair fall loosely on either side, allowing you to still show off your natural hair texture.

Fresh High and Tight

Popularized by the likes of Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the high and tight fade looks as fresh as ever. It’s also easy to maintain and works for both casual and professional outfits.


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