Learn more about the top 10 hairstyles of the 2020 football season.

Top 10 Hairstyles of the 2020 Football Season

There’s a lot to love about every NFL season. And while the traditional big crowds haven’t been a major part of this year’s gridiron action, it’s still been an awesome year for another reason—the great-looking hairstyles, of course!

While these players obviously put lots of effort into staying in shape and racking up impressive stats on the field, they can also add amazing-looking hair to their long list of accomplishments.

Chase Young Chase Young

The local defensive favorite for the Washington Football Team can routinely be seen breaking through offensive lines and pummeling opposing quarterbacks. While you’ll easily spot number 99 due to his outstanding defense, you also can’t miss the bleached dreadlocks extending past his helmet.

Aaron Rodgers   Aaron Rodgers

As the cornerstone of Green Bay’s offense for over a decade, this legendary quarterback has both Super Bowl and MVP wins to add to his trophy case. But we also hope he gets a trophy for his signature mustache he routinely rocks with confidence.

Kendall Fuller Kendall Fuller

Another pillar of Washington’s defense, Kendall Fuller has built a solid reputation for intercepting passes and breaking up passing plays. But he also deserves some credit for keeping up his sleek afro.

Cam Newton cam newton

The new quarterback for the New England Patriots may not be quite filling the large shoes left by the team’s former six-time Super Bowl champion, but he’s certainly making a splash on the field with his bold dreadlocks, which he routinely rocks in an eye-catching updo.

Ryan Fitzpatrick   Ryan Fitzpatrick

This one’s another nod to the facial hair. Ryan Fitzpatrick seems just as committed to growing out an epic beard as he is to leading his team to a winning record.

Cam Sims Cam Sims

This Washington Football Team receiver is big on making catches on the field, but it’s clear he’s also big on maintaining his long dreadlocks. Whether he chooses to tie up his locks with a daring updo or let his hair hang down, he always wears his style with confidence.

Joe Burrow joe burrow

Although this promising quarterback has been sidelined for the season, it’s clear his sense of style has never been sidelined. Ever since he earned his place in the spotlight, Joe Burrow has maintained a suave medium-short cut to show off his wavy hair.

Clay Matthews Clay Matthews

This legendary linebacker may not have a team to call home for the 2020 season, but thankfully his long blonde locks are still right at home on his head. Throughout his career, Clay Mathews has always been just as easy to spot by his nicely maintained hair as his dominance on defense.

Russell Wilson Russell Wilson


The quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks has let his uniquely textured hair grow out for the 2020 season, so we can all gaze at it in appreciation when we aren’t dropping our jaws at his impressive passing.

Odell Beckham Jr. Odell Beckham Jr.

This accomplished wide receiver deserves credit for both his boldly colored curls as well as his sharp beard. This great combination results in an instantly recognizable look.

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