types of hair braids

Top 3 Types of Hair Braids

Everyone remembers when they finally learned to braid. We slaved over our Barbie dolls and tied their hair in knots. We used our siblings as our guinea pigs and put lopsided loops on their heads. We were overjoyed at sleepovers to test our newly acquired skills and braid every mane in sight. As we got better at braiding, we might have used the style to make bad hair days better. 

On some occasions, a stylish braid has the power to spice up an otherwise boring outfit. Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles in existence, and we are big fans of the twists and turns they can take. Haircuts for Humans hails the almighty braid, and we want to share the love with our fellow fans. Check out the top three trending types of braids and learn how to incorporate them into your look.

Get Funky with Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are an intricate style named after its creators: the Fula people of West Africa. The braids are rich in culture, and the signature style is marked by cornrows starting at the crown, a center cornrow, and small braids that fall down from the base of the head. Many people who sport this iconic look add beads to adorn the style. The first set of famous fulani braids were worn by actress Cicely Tyson in the 1960s, and since then mega stars like Alicia Keys and Solange Knowles have repopularized the style.

Fulani braids

Solange with Fulani braids via Glamour


Fulani braids, also known as box braids, are a great way to protect especially curly hair and keep a low-maintenance style that will stay for a few weeks. Incorporating bold colors makes the already-eye-catching look stand out even more, and adding accessories is another chic option. People who don’t have long enough hair to achieve Fulani braids can have extensions braided in to mimic the style. The most appealing part of Fulani braids? They can be worn on any occasion: down and flowing, in an updo, or in an even bigger braid.

Be a Babe with Boho Braids

Boho braids are basically purposeful bed-heads, and we’re here for it. The perfectly messy, worn-in braid is a free spirit’s signature style. Think romantic summer nights, colorful music festivals, and salty days at the beach; the boho braid can accompany a casual look or complement a dreamy evening out. Countless twists on the style have popped up on Pinterest boards across the globe, and we can see why. The boho braid adds volume and texture to any hair type and complements any outfit seamlessly. Though they look effortless, many of them take some practice, but the good news is they are hard to mess up. Even if you don’t nail the tutorial you just watched, chances are you’ll be impressed with your own unique version of the boho braid.

boho braids

Boho braid via Pinterest


The beginner boho braid can be achieved by styling your hair in a normal braid, and then loosening the braid by gently pulling on the finished look. You’ll start to see the braid increase in width and thickness, and some strands may begin to fall out– leave them! Pull some wisps of hair toward the front of your face and right next to your ears. A more mid-level boho braid can be done by doing three fishtails and then loosely braiding them together. 

Oui Love French Braids

In the beginning of your braiding career, French braids may have been your arch nemesis. The style can take some getting used to and you’ll need to have patience to get a clean finished product. French braids are elegant, classic, and timeless; the style also has benefits once they’re taken out and you reveal beautiful beach waves. French braids spark the creative in all of us, and once you’ve mastered the skill the possibilities are endless. The versatility of this style allows you to wear the braids in pigtails, to the side, down your back, half-up half-down, or even in a crown across your head as a faux-headband. 

french braid

French braids via WikiHow


French braids, also known as plaits, are achieved by separating your hair into three sections and repeatedly gathering them together. Starting at the crown, you grab strands of hair from each section and incorporate it into the braid, crossing over the other sections as you go. You continually add more hair as you move along, making the braid thicker as you reach your beck. The finished look is a woven pattern that can be done extremely tight and neat or loose and messy. 

Short Hair, We Care

For all of our cropped-cut cuties and bob wearing babes, we didn’t forget about you. If you’re in love with the idea of braiding your hair, but think you need long locks to do so, we’re here to tell you otherwise. The ode-to-the-nineties trend of tiny random braids throughout the hair is back, baby! Pick a few thin chunks of your hair, starting with strands in the front and then a few around the head, braid them, and secure with little rubber bands. The butterfly clip fad is also making a comeback, and styling your hair in cornrow braids at the crown, secured by the cutie clips, is a look that is definitely in fashion.

baby braids

Baby braids via Glamour


Short-haired people can even achieve a mock of the braid crown. Start by creating two small braids in the front sections of your hair. Cross them over to the opposite side and secure with a bobby pin. The style mimics the look of a longer-haired person executing the french braid crown; two braids together will appear thicker and serve as an au-natural headband. French braids aren’t out of reach either. Braid as much of your hair as possible and once you reach the neck, secure loose pieces with a barrette or bobby pin. The final look will appear to be more of an updo (even if you know there’s not much to it).

Haircuts for Humans Hails the Heavenly Braid

Yes, we are all about finding out what’s new in fashion, but Haircuts for Humans are suckers for the classics. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a braid, and we know they are oftentimes the only cure for a bad hair day. Our team can be seen rocking a braid or two when we don’t feel like washing or brushing our mops, but we also just love the look for any (and every) occasion. What braids are you going to try to DIY? Comment with a picture of your look below, we love to see our styles come to life (and to say we told you so). Haircuts for Humans embraces every kind of hair out there, and we aim to dish on styles that will work for you so you can work it.

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