Halo hair extensions

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Long, luscious locks have been a sought-after look since quite literally the beginning of time. We know having flowing, shiny hair is beautiful, but why do we think so? Many experts believe the explanation is biological in nature: In order to have long, thick hair you have to be healthy, which signifies a functioning reproductive system (an antiquated but logical explanation). Other historians point to the wealth and prestige long hair may indicate. If a woman had long, styled hair it probably meant she had the means and the time necessary to do so (again, an outdated but plausible conclusion). 

Not everyone has the genetic makeup to have an incredible head of voluminous hair, so the beauty industry made up an easy way to fake it. The first patented extensions hit the scene in 1951 when Christa Jenkins patented the weave. Once the practice became mainstream, more techniques emerged. Since that fateful day in fashion over 70 years ago, beauty professionals have rolled out hair extensions that are clipped, sewn, taped, or glued in your natural hair. Perhaps the most angelic of all extension types (at least for fragile, thinning hair) might be Halo extensions. They are considered the least damaging to your roots and the easiest to put in yourself. Let’s get into why Halo hair extensions are a heavenly way to lengthen your locks while protecting your hair.

Halo Hair Extensions Are Heavenly for Your Hair

There are so many hair extension options out there, it often feels impossible to choose. Do you go to a salon professional or try something at home? Do you go for human hair or a synthetic product? Do you use glue-in and tape-in to avoid everyday installation? Do you get clip-ins for flexibility with your look? These are all important questions to ask yourself, and what’s right for one person may not be for the next. However, Halo extensions do have one major benefit that make them saintly compared to other options: they preserve your natural hair. 

Halo extensions work by placing a clear circular wire (like a Halo, get it!?) of either real or synthetic hair on the crown of your head. You will put the piece on like a 1970s headband, where the sides of your hair will at first be held down by the pressure from the wire. After spending five seconds placing the wire on your head, you’ll simply need to pull the top layer of hair out and over the wire and then style like normal. The design of Halo hair extensions protect your roots by avoiding pulling on them or weighing down your hair. Most extensions, especially clip-ins, can cause major damage with the constant snagging and tangling that occurs while taking them in and out. Halo hair extensions don’t have any ties to the devilish chemicals that can be found in the adhesive used in glue-in extensions. Tape-in extensions can cause thinning by the root and if placed too far down, they’ll tangle with your hair; Halo hair extensions aren’t bonded to your hair in any way and slip in and out seamlessly. Tie-in and sew-in extensions pull extensively at the root and the weight of the extensions cause breakage and thinning; Halo extensions are friends to your natural follicles and leave them at peace.

Perhaps the best part of opting for Halo hair extensions is having the ability to grow your natural locks while feigning a voluminous, lengthy mane. Because there is no pressure, damage, breakage, or tangling associated with the clear wire, you can continue to work on lengthening and strengthening your hair instead of putting the process off further. 

If you decide to go with any of the other extension options, your natural hair will likely take a blow that will be hard to get you back on track. Of course, this all depends on the strength and composition of your hair type and can best be assessed by a professional stylist. We advise anyone with fragile or thinning hair to avoid any extensions other than Halo hair extensions; there is too much to lose with the little you are working with, and Halo is a guaranteed way to protect your sensitive scalp.

Halo Hair Extensions Are Heavenly for Your Wallet 

Extensions used to be a style that was exclusively worn by the rich and famous. Many of us can remember Paris Hilton popularizing the not-so-subtle extension look in the early 2000s. Her hair wasn’t incredibly well-blended, and it wasn’t necessarily thick, but it was long and luxurious. Since then, several advancements have been made in the beauty industry, and lengthening your locks is a fairly common practice. Sew-in, tape-in, and glue-in extensions all require a client to visit a professional stylist to get the technique done, and the cost includes the manual labor in addition to the purchase of the hair. This type of extension process can cost anywhere from $200-600 on average, with some stylists quoting up to $2,500 for the service. In addition to paying for the initial installation, clients have to remember all of these options are semi-permanent. You won’t be making just one trip to the salon, you will have to get maintenance, repair, and reinstallations done at least every three months.

Clip-in extensions may seem like the next logical option if you can’t afford to dole out those kinds of dollars. However, you may end up costing yourself in the long run as the damage clip-ins cause will have to be corrected by a professional. Halo hair extensions will bless your wallet; you’ll save money by being able to put the wire in breezily at home and won’t require any sort of correction for damage incurred. Like any other beauty product on the market, consumers will have to do their research to find the best Halo hair extension that works for their wallet. A quick Google search will yield pages and pages of the miraculous clear wire extension, and costs can range anywhere from $25-400. Whatever brand you decide to go with, you’ll still be saving time and energy that you’d be spending on other hair extension alternatives.

Halo Hair Extensions Are Heavenly for Your Time

Don’t you wish there were a way to undo that bad haircut you impulsively got? To make your daily vitamins and supplements work instantly? Basically, wouldn’t it be nice to have long, flowing hair in just minutes? Oh wait, maybe you haven’t been reading so far and just skipped ahead. If so, we’ve been talking about Halo hair extensions. The process of putting in your clear wire extensions takes less than a minute (depending on how coordinated you are, of course). You’ll simply need to place the wire around the crown of your head, and then pull the top layer of hair over to conceal the wire. Next, style as normal and go on with your day. That seems too good to be true, but so does everything else that is heavenly.

We are aware how much time is invested into going to a salon and getting extensions professionally put in. Whatever kind you opt for, you’ll first have to go to a consultation, then your appointment will likely be a two-hour minimum (and that is being conservative). After your initial service, you’ll spend at least an hour every two to three months getting your extensions fixed and reinstalled. If your answer to that is opting for clip-ins, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re sorely mistaken. Clip-in extensions may be marketed as uncomplicated and easy to install, but unless you’re a whiz they can take an hour or more to be put in. You’ll have to fumble around with which pieces work for the look you’re going for and then place them in a way where they aren’t detectable. 

Once again, Halo hair extensions have proven to be angelic in nature when it comes to your precious time. If you’re into quick and efficient beauty, look no further. Halo hair extensions will save you over and over before work, date night, or a girls’ night out. Take your time doing what you love and cut hours off your beauty routine. Yes, we all want to look our best, but who wants to spend hours getting there?

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