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What Is a V-Shape Haircut?

V cuts are in for Fall of 2022. The haircut is made up of heavy-handed layering with an intense (you guessed it) “V” forming at the ends. The style has tons of pluses, and in our not-so-humble opinion the effortless dimension comes in at number one. Perhaps the “V” stands for “Va-Va-Voom,” as the cut gives your locks extra body and texture, no matter what you’re working with.

The V cut is a go-to for those with hair types A-Z, but it’s especially beneficial to those rocking extra thick manes. The way the cut is layered allows you to keep your lush, full-body locks while getting rid of the extra weight. Another instant-babe bonus is the way the V cut seamlessly frames your face and accentuates your angles, making you look snatched in a matter of seconds. Before you hit up your stylist, let’s see about the V. Come with us on a wordy journey exploring the ins and outs of this trending cut.

Is a V-Shape Haircut Good? Yes, Yes, and More Yes.

V cuts have battled with the best (and worst) of them for over four decades. The look has proven it’s truly timeless and doesn’t seem to be moving off the fashion radar. Still need some convincing on the V cut’s chic level? Audrey Hepburn was the first to sport the style when she wore it for her role as Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This iconic flick hit the silver screen in 1961, and the iconic cut soon hit the streets. One could say women wanted to look slightly like Holly Golightly. 

v shaped haircut

Audrey Hepburn cutting her hair via Facebook GIF


So is the V cut good? We’d go so far as to say it’s top-notch. Classic beauties have followed in Audrey Hepburn’s footsteps, with celebs like Jessica Biel, Blake Lively, and Kim Kardashian wearing the style as their staple. The customizability of the cut makes it even more alluring; the V can be big drama or a subtle whisper. Throw on some fringe bangs, incorporate some beach waves, or add a pop of color on the ends to shake things up. The V cut is very, very versatile. 

How Do You Trim V-Shaped Hair?

It’s always best to head to your beauty BFF (aka your stylist) when you are looking to get some TLC for your tresses. There are DIY hacks to try at home, but don’t expect perfect results. Here’s the rundown on how your hairdresser will achieve the V cut hair style, and you can take some notes if you’re feeling ambitious.

The main goal of the V cut is a light, layered style that will automatically frame your face without taking off too much length. The “V” visual is a great guide to see if you’re hitting the angle correctly, achieving the letter-shaped edges towards the ends of your hair. You can discuss with your stylist (or you, yourself, and you) how sharp you’d like the angle to be before going in with scissors.

Once you have a V-cut, it’s fairly easy to go in for a trim (or attempt it yourself). The technique lends itself to simple up-keep because as the hair grows, the “guide” remains in place. If you want to add more depth to the style, ask your hairdresser to create a more dramatic angle. If you just want to maintain, request a refresh to the cut. A huge benefit of the V cut is it isn’t a grow-out-your-bangs type of situation; if you’re over it, get a blunt bob to restart your style.

V-Shaped Neckline Haircuts Are Buzz-worthy

Don’t have long locks? No need to fret. You can join in on the V-cut frenzy, too. V-shaped neckline haircuts are another trending style. For the boys or the bold babes, this look adds some oomph to your usual trip to the barber. The name is pretty self-explanatory: your stylist will angle the hair on the nape of your neck the same way as it would be applied to layers.

v cut men

Men’s style V-cut via Pinterest


The cut is just as customizable as the traditional iteration; you can go for something soft and understated or get an exaggerated V to really stand out. This technique isn’t just in style, it’s plain painterly in effect. The V can be faded and left as a sort of “blank canvas” where you can play with designs and geometric shapes. A sort of updated ode to the undercut, the V-shaped neckline cuts are high-fashion, low-maintenance gold.

V Cut on Long Hair Styles for 2022

Curly, straight, long, short, or somewhere in between it all – the V cut absolutely slays on anyone who wants to rock it. We do have to mention that it seems to be made for manes that are long, straight, and looking for a refresh. If you’ve wanted to switch up your style without diving off the deep end, this layered look is your first step. Check out some of our fave V cut moments that are popping up on Insta feeds everywhere.

Kim K

Kim K.’s v-cut via Instagram


The V-cut is sometimes interchanged with the “butterfly cut” as its wisps mimic the floatiness of the beautiful bug. Who better than Kim Kardashian-West to show us how to slay the style? Kim wears the V cut in a relaxed, loose-waved style, showing off the dimension that comes with the layered technique.

dramatic v cut

Dramatic colored V-cut via Instagram


If you’re looking for different ways to wear a V-shape haircut, browse the hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest to find some options. This sharp V is accentuated even further by adding an ombre pink to the edges. The pop of color brings out the fashion style even more, and is a fun way to bring the eye naturally in the direction of the layers. 

lily aldridge

Lily Aldridge wearing an elegant V-cut via Instagram


We mentioned the V cut was versatile, right? Lily oozes sophistication by wearing her subtle V pulled back, with the crown of her hair tightly slicked. She played up the curl factor and let the V show off, the angle perfectly complimenting her night-out ensemble. This look is sort of a nod to the beginnings of the style; a classic Hollywood twist. The V cut has the ability to go from day to night seamlessly (as if you needed another reason to rock it).

What Is a U-Shaped Haircut?

That’s a horse of a different…haircut. The U-shaped haircut delivers a softer finished look than the V cut. Its biggest similarity to the aforementioned trend is the U also is longer in the back than towards your face. You’ll still be able to achieve tons of layers while maintaining length, but the overall cut isn’t as fashion-forward or dramatic as the V. A U-shaped haircut could be a great baby step for those looking to play with layers without going all in. 

U cut before and after via Pinterest


Haircuts for Humans Loves All Letters

V cut, U cut, we’re here for it all. The Haircuts for Humans team lives for digging up every style out there and dishing it out to the masses. We know bolder looks aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stop showing you the styles (and secretly hoping you’ll go for it). Whether you’re ready to love up on some layers or you need to ease into a new style, Haircuts for Humans is here to offer you the options from A to Z. Whatever type of hair you have, and whichever sort of style suits you, we want to hear about it. Comment below if you end up trying out one of these cuts yourself. What kind of trends should we explore next?

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