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What is the Best Oval Face Haircut?

We’re getting even more up in your face. Well, more like we’re dishing more on what haircuts work best for your face shape. Haircuts for Humans is here to give you a good hair day, every day, and that means understanding the ins and outs of what manes look magnificent with your mug. Let’s get a little more detailed when it comes to those with oval face shapes. We’ve compiled your go-to looks to give your stylist, saving you time on browsing Pinterest and a potential fashion faux pas. 

Unlike the other five face types out there, there’s few haircuts that oval-faced people can’t rock. People with oval faces have naturally symmetrical features on a canvas (also known as your face) as long as it is wide. This is great news if you’ve been considering which cut to go with, or bad news if you might be a bit on the indecisive side. We could just list every hairstyle in existence, but let’s start with ten trending styles you can take for a spin.

Layers and Waves and Fringe, Oh My

Gals who like a little texture in their life can rejoice: oval-face shapes look gorgeous with cuts that have dimension. Go for a classic layered look a la Kate Middleton for something regal and timeless. Long layers frame your oval face perfectly and is a naturally-slimming style. 

textured haircut

Kate Middleton with long layers via Good Housekeeping


If you’re more of a beach-waves babe, you are also in for a treat. The textured appearance of a choppy wave style can highlight your cheekbones and make your jawline pop. Women who were born blessed with curly hair will have a low-maintenance mane on their hands; ask your stylist for shoulder-length layers with random layers throughout to amplify your waves.

Fringe has been back for a bit, and the shag is staying around. A bolder twist on classic layers, a fringe haircut adds volume to your hair and creates effortless dimension. The modern shag isn’t as eye-catching as it was in the 70s, and your stylist can accomplish the same style without it being mullet-esque (unless you’re into that, we support it). Fringe and shags are especially fitting for women with flat or thin hair. The haircut creates the illusion of thicker locks and can be refreshed with just a little product.


 Jessica Alba with shaggy waves via Good Housekeeping

Short and Sweet

As we mentioned, it’s nearly impossible for oval-faced wonders to pick a cut that won’t work for them. You’re the envy of others, and the dream for stylists. If you’ve been thinking about going shorter, take the leap now and we promise you won’t regret it. Side-swept pixies, little lobs, and bobs with bangs are hot this summer (and will keep you cool). 

Pixie cuts are the one of the chicest styles out there. They require confidence and demand attention. It is one of the best oval face haircuts because it allows your features to be the star of the show. It’s also one of the most effortless looks in existence; waking up and walking out the door is all the styling you’ll have to do. Leaving some length on top will give you some wiggle room to change things up for a special event or a night out.

emma watson

Emma Watson with a pixie cut via Good Housekeeping


Lobs have been trending for the greater part of the 21st century thus far, and we’re here for it. The cut is completely customizable and you can play with length according to your comfort level. Wear it wavy or go slick-straight to change up the style quickly. The haircut works with both middle parts and side parts (as if you needed more choices).

Bobs with bangs are a nod to old Hollywood. The haircut is sophisticated and glamorous, but works with just about any outfit or aesthetic. Have your stylist blow dry your bangs inward so you can get a handle on how to do your hair at home. The style is perfect for oval faces because it shows off your symmetry and long lines in the best way possible.

rachel mcadams

Rachel McAdams with a wavy bob via Good Housekeeping

Best Oval Face Haircuts for Boys and Babies

We didn’t forget about the men and children in your life. Plus, it’s likely you have a say in what haircut they’re getting anyways. Oval-faced kids are just as lucky as their dear old moms; their faces are super cute and can sport any style. Like the grown-ups, kids with oval faces look adorable with layers. The cut is pretty quick to achieve, so this means less time with them squirming around in the stylist’s chair. Bangs on babies are also darling, just make sure you’re equipped to go through the growing out period.

For guys blessed with oval faces, there are tons of trendy styles that you’ll swoon over. Textured quiffs and high combovers are mega stylish this summer, and they make a man’s already-chiseled face even more charming. Tell the barber you’re looking for something that will highlight the jawline, cheekbones, and symmetry of your face and they’ll know exactly what to do. 

textured men's hairstyle

Textured quiff via Pinterest

Haircuts for Humans Hails Your Hair

We care about your hair, truly, and our team would never steer you towards the wrong style. In fact, Haircuts for Humans’ goal is to give you insight before getting a chop. We can’t say we love one face shape over any other, but we are big fans of the oval faces who can wear it all. You have the freedom to choose whether you’ll go short or stay long, get bags or face framing layers, or if you’ll twist your locks or go pin straight. What style are you going to rock this season? Leave us a comment below, we’re dying to be proven right. 

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