Learn the tips and tricks of cutting your own hair.

Should Men Cut Their Own Hair at Home?

If there’s ever been a year where the temptation to try cutting your own hair has been very real, it’s been 2020. And with the pandemic continuing to surge forward, the fear of more lockdowns continues to loom in everyone’s minds.

But don’t break out your clippers and kitchen scissors just yet. While it may seem like cutting your own hair is the best option right now, you shouldn’t rule out making a trip to the barber. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a haircut you’d rather hide than show off.

Finding the Right Tools to Cut Men’s Hair at Home

Even if a tool has the ability to cut hair, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be used to cut hair. For instance, while most scissors you have laying around the house could chop off your locks, you would most likely end up with split ends because the scissors are not designed to cut hair. This can damage your hair and create an unhealthy look.

Then there’s the issue with clippers. Getting a tight fade and blending the sides nicely requires multiple clipper settings. And while some men have beard trimmers lying around with different length settings, they’re typically too small to practically cut hair. And the type of clippers needed to cut hair quickly and efficiently can be a bit pricey.

Difficulties with Cutting Your Own Hair

Beyond the barriers of finding the right tools to get a proper haircut, there’s the other obvious issue of the skill it takes to cut your own hair. A trained barber or stylist knows how to prep each tool in order for it to cut hair smoothly along with how to use these tools to get a professional-looking result.

It’s also incredibly difficult to effectively cut across the top and down the back of your own head. It’s hard enough for someone with comfortable hand positioning and a better vantage point.

If you’re going to get any sort of fade or blend in your hair at all, it will take careful precision using specialized clippers and skill. Getting a good look on the back of your head will be especially difficult, even if you manage to set up multiple mirrors in your bathroom. Sure, your haircut will be free if you do it on your own, but you’re likely to end up with a cut that looks like it was free after spending a good bit of your time working on it.

Clean-Certified Haircuts

So, what’s a good alternative to attempting to cut your own hair in lockdown? Simply make an appointment to see our clean-certified hair stylists at SportClips Haircuts DC. Our shop is carefully cleaned multiple times during the day. Team members and clients are required to wear masks the entire time they are in the shop. And each hairstylist also has to go through a wellness check before starting their shifts and cannot be presenting any symptoms of COVID-19.

While we typically welcome walk-ins, we are currently encouraging all clients to book appointments online to reduce the number of people in our shop at a time. We also ask that you remove your own cape after your haircut is over, at which point we will sanitize it for the next customer.

Schedule your appointment with us today for clean-certified service and a fresh haircut that looks like a million bucks, not an at-home chop job.

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