2c hair

Everything You Need to Know about 2c Hair

Welcome back again, friend. We’re glad you’re as into this hair stuff as we are. You might have already checked out our article on the different types of hair, but now we are getting even more detailed with a dedication…

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v shape haircut

What Is a V-Shape Haircut?

V cuts are in for Fall of 2022. The haircut is made up of heavy-handed layering with an intense (you…

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hairstyles with claw clips

The Best Hairstyles with Claw Clips

Finally, the 90s are back and here to stay. We’ve been waiting for this fashion-forward decade to reemerge, and we’re…

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What Are the Different Types of Hair?

It’s no mystery that we don’t all wake up with the same hair. Yes, most of us have bed-head, but…

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The Best Haircut for a Receding Hairline

Receding hairlines get a bad rap. The phrase itself just doesn’t sound nice, and we don’t usually associate it as…

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oval face haircut

What is the Best Oval Face Haircut?

We’re getting even more up in your face. Well, more like we’re dishing more on what haircuts work best for…

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Cute Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Kids

Most kids hate – no abhor – having their hair touched in any capacity. It seems like such a waste…

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types of hair braids

Top 3 Types of Hair Braids

Everyone remembers when they finally learned to braid. We slaved over our Barbie dolls and tied their hair in knots.…

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hair highlights

What You Need to Know about Hair Highlights

Getting highlights as a teen might have been your first introduction to the world of styling your hair. Moms let…

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