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Top 13 Hair Websites in 2022

When you’re browsing the web for your next new look, it’s likely you have some go-to sites to find the trends you’re looking for. With the overload of content we take in every day, it’s helpful to have the right resources on hand to save time and energy. The perfect hair websites have three things in common: 

  1. They’re current on beauty trends 
  2. They’re an information hub 
  3. They give good examples and link relevant products. 

When the links start flowing in after your Google search, you want to find something that answers your questions, not a site just selling stuff straight to your face. Haircuts for Humans has compiled a killer list of the top hair websites you should be favoriting. We like to balance out our browsing, so we’ve diversified our digital hangout spots. Scroll these stylish sites to find ones that fit your fancy; we’re sure you’ll be using some of their stuff at your next visit to the salon. 

Top Beauty Media Hair Websites

Byrdie’s website is chock-full of charming articles, relatable reviews, and relevant news pieces. Its content is well-rounded and its brand is consistent. Users can browse the site and find answers in a flash; it truly is “a one stop shop.” The site isn’t fully focused on hair. Byrdie has pages for skin, hair, makeup, fragrance, wellness, style, reviews and news. Their content screams “gurus of glam.” We especially love the “Reviews” feature as it makes the site super unique. This section not only honestly reviews products from all parts of the beauty industry, but it also holds stellar gift guides for some serious inspiration. 

Glamour has been an iconic publication since 1939; beauty-lovers have been flocking to their pages for decades, and now a new generation gets glamorous online. The site has quickly climbed to the top when it comes to finding a new style before you head to the salon. Their site’s beauty section feels like it’s been curated by the world’s best cosmetologists; it’s always on point and serving up amazing looks on a daily basis. Haircuts for Humans’ team really digs the How-To section of the site; it’s an innovative approach that lets users in on some DIY.

Marie Claire is another well-established style brand and has been showing us all things chic since 1937. The publication came to us from across the pond, making it even more exclusive. The beauty powerhouse had the same idea as Glamour and made the move online to reach a wider audience. Their content has stayed consistent while offering trendy new twists. Their Hairstyle Handbook Gallery is an essential resource for those who are crazy about their mane. Haircuts for Humans dubs it a must-scroll. 

Top Celeb-Founded Hair Websites

Goop was the first of its kind; a true enigma that people just couldn’t get enough of. Gwenyth Paltrow showed the world another side of herself with cheeky product features and out-there reviews. Haircuts for Humans is obsessed with the brand’s ability to put it all out there and remain transparent. Their content is incomparable to any other site online and we are here for it. Our team loves their Haircare section because it offers a perspective from a health and wellness point of view. Visitors can still learn about styles while also getting a dose of hair medicine.

HelloGiggles is another celebrity brainchild that was instantly a hit. Zooey Deschanel was a founding member of what set out to be a “positive online community.” Part personal essay, part beauty blog, and part pop culture news — this website is like getting a digital dose of serotonin. Haircuts for Humans is a fan of the way their hair portion of the site is sectioned; HelloGiggles separates their tags by style and color to nudge visitors in the right direction, right away.

Top Hair Stylist Websites

Modern Salon aims to “connect with salon professionals at every stage of their careers,” and in our opinion, they have continually hit that target. The digital and print publication is regarded as one of the highest circulating stylist-focused magazines. The site follows the same suit as the print publication and focuses their content on things stylists want to know on every part of their hair journey. Haircuts for Humans’ team likes the point of view Modern Salon puts out there; we get a better feel for the type of questions stylists have and realize even our hair gods don’t always know it all.

Salon Today also prioritizes hair professionals, curating their content to attract readers in the cosmetology industry. When it comes to your locks, their site has a little bit of everything. If stylists are looking for a job, want to post a profile, or better position themselves in the market — they need look no further than Salon Today. 

The brand also assists existing salon owners and employees in how to better their business. Haircuts for Humans loves the site’s news section; they always serve breaking industry headlines in a timely fashion. 

Top Male-Centric Hair Websites

LADbible is one of our best bets for the boys. This guy-centric publication started on social media back in 2012, and has since gained so much traction that it now boasts over 60 million unique hits a month. The site has seen a lot of growth since its inception, and now offers men content that covers all areas of life. Obviously, Haircuts for Humans is most interested in the beauty buzz, so we are big fans of their hair section. The vibe is kind of like a content mullet: business in the front, party in the back; LB posts serious topics and tips while sprinkling in hilarious hair-related news.

Esquire also makes the list for a top-contender in men stuff. The publication is like a male-focused version of Glamour or Marie Claire. The Esquire name was established in 1933 and though it is rebranded a few times, it has remained a read for gentlemen and scholars (with a little sex appeal on the side). Haircuts for Humans appreciate the aesthetic quality of the brand as much as the content itself. Esquire’s male hair section is easy to navigate and the headlines are straight-to-the-point; you get what you’re looking for, no questions asked. 

Top Social Media Hair Websites

Pinterest changed the game for the client-stylist relationship. No more finding “good enough” depictions of your dream hairstyle, ripping it out of a magazine, and delivering it to your stylist as inspo. Today, clients can login to the digital vision board and search for what they’re looking for, only to find limitless pictures as their muse. Haircuts for Humans seems to fall into the same rabbit hole of scrolling that every Pinterest user does, but with a purpose. Our team loves finding out about a new hair trend and then hitting Pinterest to see how people are making it their own.

YouTube’s Brad Mondo has exploded in the past few years both as a stylist and as a beauty influencer. Now with 7.42 million subscribers, the YouTuber’s content offers cutthroat reviews, hair hacks, and how-to’s that don’t exist anywhere else on the internet. His personality and delivery are charismatic and hilarious, but his expertise and know-how are what impresses Haircuts for Humans most. 

Tiktok has got to have some iteration of every life hack in the world. With only a few seconds to get your point across (or become a star) your content has to really strike a fellow user’s fancy. When you search the “hair” tag on TikTok, millions of DIY’s and how-to’s flood your page. Some thumbnails look especially intriguing; before you know it, you’re wrapping up your hair in socks to try to get heat-free curls. Haircuts for Humans uses TikTok as a resource for emerging trends and tracks how consumers are responding to them.


Haircuts for Humans may be our own site, but it’s all about self-love, right? We work hard to be straight-forward, unbiased, and well-rounded; think of us as a jack-of-all-hair. We want our visitors to be able to find what they’re looking for but also have the opportunity to learn something new. We want to pump up our fellow hair websites and form tight-knit bonds with like-minded consumers. Haircuts for Humans wants to offer every head a little piece of hair-related knowledge. No niche, no focus — just something for everyone.

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