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How to Grow Hair Fast

Whether you’re trying to skip through an awkward phase in your hair growth, or are just trying to go for a different look, learning how to grow hair fast can be valuable. There is a lot of information on this topic, but most sources are sporadic and without a comprehensive perspective. By using the following advice and warnings, not only will you have longer hair, but it will be healthier and more voluminous as well.

Hair Supplements

Studies have shown that the following supplements are very beneficial to those who want to grow hair fast. Though they may be useful, it’s not required to use all of the supplements to see progress. 

In the Shower

Caffeine treatments: Caffeine-infused shampoos and conditioners stimulate growth according to studies. These studies have shown that it promotes hair growth from a molecular, cellular, and organic level. 

Use conditioner: Healthy hair needs to be moisturized properly. While studies have shown conditioner is beneficial in maintaining hair health, the individual claims by companies as far as promoting growth have yet to be validated.

In a pill

Biotin and collagen: Biotin and collagen are classic supplements that have been used by many people who want to grow hair fast. Though there are alternatives to ingesting these, the pill or powder version is a guaranteed way to get the maximum dosage needed.

Pumpkin seed, rosemary, or peppermint oil: Recently, essential oils have been studied for hair growth. In a lab test with placebos and the above oils, each performed above the control group, suggesting improvement.

Vitamin C, D, E, Zinc, Iron, Omega 3 & 6: With the correct vitamins, your hair can be strong enough to continue to grow without breakage. Antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E protect against oxidative stress, which is a factor in making your longer hairs fall out.

Hair growth treatments 

The following treatments are typically designed to be used sparingly (with the exception of minoxidil or Rogaine) and are used on the scalp to infuse vitamins to promote hair growth. It’s best to consult with a dermatologist before applying.

  1. Egg yolk mask
  2. Hot castor oil
  3. Leave-in Keratin products 
  4. Minoxidil or Rogaine 

Habits to Help Grow Hair Fast

Though supplements can be helpful, daily habits have a bigger impact on hair growth and health. Not only is hair growth about proactive routines, but also refraining from harmful practices and styling your hair in growth-inducing ways. Growing hair fast is much easier with these habits. 

Things to do to increase growth

Scalp massages: If you want to know how to grow hair fast, it’s important to start with scalp health. Multiple studies have shown that scalp massages and other methods that bring blood flow to the scalp promote more hair growth.

Get a trim: Though it may seem counter-intuitive, a light trim is actually a common tip amongst hair care professionals. This is really only the case if you have a lot of split ends. As these split ends run higher up the strand, they can cause breakage, making your hair shorter. By trimming them off, your hair stays fuller and longer.

Consider microneedling: Microneedling is typically a process done by professionals, though it is available for purchase over the counter. This is a small roller with very small needles that puncture the scalp and help topical treatments have more effect.

Eat more healthy fats: Supplements are nice, but if you don’t feel right about taking a pill, eating natural, healthy fats (such as those found in salmon), can have the same results as the marketed pills. It’s essential to find these fats with either the vitamins or omega 3 or 6 properties described above. 

Things not to do when trying to grow hair

Avoid sudden weight loss and over-restrictive diets: Malnutrition plays a significant role in hair loss. If your body isn’t getting the vitamins or healthy fats it needs, it will show in your hair. Restrictive diets and intense weight loss may produce positive results in some ways, but your hair will pay the price.

Be careful with bleaching, extensions and braids: Chemical treatments are notorious for their negative impacts on hair health. Bleaching, coloring, or extensions left in for too long can strip the hair of essential vitamins and leave hair perpetually dry and brittle. Braids or tight hairstyles over a prolonged time may put stress on a scalp that needs room to breathe. If you feel like your scalp is pulling while you’re wearing a certain hairstyle, it’s most likely too tight.

Reduce shampoo frequency and read ingredients: Did you know you shouldn’t wash your hair every day? Though this has taken off in a no-poo movement (in reference to refraining from shampoo), such extreme measures are not required for hair growth. Start with washing your hair every other day, then just a couple times a week. Washing your hair too much (and with harsh sulfide chemicals) can deprive your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy.

Stay calm: Stress is as bad for your hair as it is for any part of your body. Do what it takes to decompress not only for your mental health, but for your hair health as well.

Drip dry and brush calmly: A large factor in your hair health is how your hair dries. Whether you’re vigorously scrubbing it with a towel or heat treating it with a straightener or blow dryer, fragile hair is prone to losing oils and moisture and falling out. If you’re going to comb it, take a few passes through and lightly blot your hair to dry.

Wear protective hairstyles and sleep on silk: Throughout the day, exposed ends are likely to dry out, especially if you have straight hair. Any hairstyle that brings these ends back to the head without causing scalp stress is likely to be beneficial to maintaining hair health. At night, it’s helpful to use smooth fabric sheets and pillows (such as satin or silk) to avoid abrasion while sleeping. 

Hair growth is a very complicated and unpredictable ordeal. Though there are supplements, most of the work comes down to just stopping your current hair from falling out and keeping it healthy so it can continue to grow. Having strong, voluminous hair is rewarding, and following a dependable regimen can help you achieve your goals.

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