Cute Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Kids

Most kids hate – no abhor – having their hair touched in any capacity. It seems like such a waste of time (and painful at that) to have their delicate strands tussled with your rough hands. There are a lot of ways to get kids on board with letting their hair be styled, namely bribery, but that is too big of a topic for this article to cover. Let’s discuss something a little more light-hearted and less stress-inducing by listing the top cute hairstyles for kids. These styles are tiny takes on some trendy looks popping up this summer. Whether you’re a skilled self-trained styler or more of a “less-is-more” type of parent, there’s a little something for every small one in your life. 

Cute Hairstyles For the Curliest of Kids

So, you say you have a tangled mess of twists to deal with everyday? And they’re on a toddler? We feel for you. Curly hair is absolutely gorgeous no matter the age, but little kids who have it can be hard to handle (to say the least). The knots, the rat’s nests, the hair ties lost (and possibly never found), the list goes on and on; luckily there are some styles that are so cute even your kid might not be able to resist. If they had access to a Pinterest board, we’re willing to bet your child would be pinning some of these looks. We’ll ease you in from easiest executions to ones only for the brave of heart.

The “Here, Have a Headband”

children's headband

Image via Child Insider


We all have those days where it is next to impossible to get out the door on time. The keys are nowhere to be found, someone spilled something on the outfit they just put on, and the dog has just pooped on the floor. For days like that, tackling your child’s curly mop is the last thing on your mind. Of course you don’t want to be that mom who lets her kid out of the house looking less than presentable; so, what are your options? This is where the ever-so-trendy headband comes as your saving grace. 

Whether you like to support small businesses or are a Target girl at heart, there are tons of adorable options out there. Get yourself an army of headbands: neutrals, floral prints, glittered, animal print, whatever your heart desires. Having an array of options on hand means your kid can help “pick out” what they’ll be wearing that day. This agreement between the two of you will avoid any mini meltdowns ahead. Headbands are perfect for taming less-than-brushed curls and accessorize an outfit at the same time.

The Baby Beehive

baby beehive

Image via


The Baby Beehive is perfect for pre-brushed curls (or rather, curls that refused to be brushed). This look is mid-level achievable only because it means you’ll have to get your hands on your kid’s head for at least a minute or two. Curly hair looks great in a high top knot because it gives the illusion of the volumized, “bed-head” look so many people pine after. Communicate with your child that having their hair out of their face will make the play day more enjoyable, and you’ll leave them be after just a few seconds after conquering the curls. To get this cute hairstyle for kids, you’ll need a larger hair tie with a lot of elasticity. Curly hair is already hard to tame, and a lot of times the thickness can prove to be a challenge. Finding the right hair tie is key in making sure you are prepared for this battle.

After you’ve signed your child on to the style, the look takes less than two minutes to complete. Gather the hair at the top of the crown as tightly as possible without pulling too hard. Secure the top knot in place with the hair tie and then pull two pieces of hair out by the ears or right in the front of the face. This tiny touch gives the look a purposely unfinished appearance which is great for kids who are going to ruin it anyway. As long as the pony is secured, the beehive will actually look better as the day goes on and the child wears into it a bit. You can dress the look up for special occasions by adding butterfly clips, bows, or decorative barrettes.

The Pretty (Complicated) Pigtails


Image via Pinterest


Yes, we are aware this looks like a “no thank you” to most parents reading this. However, if you have a patient (or well-bribed) child on your hands, this cute hairstyle for kids is not hard to pull off. The absolute best news of putting in the work is the look can last for a few days. This is a hairstyle you’ll want to sit down and do when you have extra time on your hands and are thinking of some busy days ahead. All you’ll need on hand is a few hair-colored rubber bands, a fine-toothed comb, a spray bottle of water, two large clips, and two elastic hair ties. If this picture automatically sends you into a panic attack, try skipping a few steps and doing an easier version to start with.

First, part your child’s hair down the middle as you would for regular pig tails. After sectioning the hair, decide which side you’d like to work on first and secure the other half with a large clip to keep the part in place. Next, start creating the “grid” by sectioning the hair into tiny parts to form the squares pictured. Make tiny ponytails in each square, secure them with the rubber bands, and then criss-cross them until working back to the next section. Join the tiny ponies together until they flow into two final ponies at the end of the last grid. Pull the tiny ponies into the larger sections of hair you’ve secured off and then place into normal pigtails. Okay, now breathe and perhaps pour yourself a glass of wine.

Haircuts for Humans Knows Where Your Head’s At

The Haircuts for Humans’ team knows kids aren’t willing to sit through an hours-long hair appointment for the look they want, let alone five minutes of a ponytail. We get that some days you’ll have to settle with letting your child look like a raggamuffin; there are more important things than making your kid look cute (they already are naturally). But on the days you have some extra gumption and your kid has some extra patience, try out one of these styles and see how it goes. Leave us some pictures of your looks in the comments, we’d love to see both major successes and epic fails. Check out our blog for more cute hairstyles for kids in the future, we want to make momming a little easier.

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