Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

What Is the Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. Updated versions of old classics come back around decades later as if they were brand new, and we’re here for it. As it always does, the beauty world follows fashion’s lead, and the most popular haircuts for 2022 are blasts from the past. Whether you’re looking for something bold and eye-catching or want a more subdued version of a style, Haircuts for Humans breaks down the easiest ways to achieve a new (old) look. Shags, bobs, and bangs galore – 2022 is your year to make a statement with your hairstyle.

Most Popular Haircut 2022: Bobs Then and Now 

The Roaring Twenties is a time period that is almost palpable: the flowing champagne, the smoke-filled underground parties, and the taste of new-found freedom. Women were finding their way in the world in an entirely new way, and their fashion sense followed suit. The 1920s bob was a huge switch-up from the long, flowy locks women had been wearing forever, and the style is circling back once again. 

The bob haircut oozes sophistication and class, and of course it comes with the added bonus of near-zero maintenance. The look is usually found on straighter manes, however, curly versions can be seen popping up everywhere. Bob wearers have the say when it comes to the length they are daring enough to don, but the traditional bob is typically cut bluntly at the jaw or slightly above. This is one of the most popular haircuts right now because we can agree, we have enough on our plates and the bob takes minimal effort.

The 1920s bob was slick, short, and straight-to-the-point, while the updated 2022 version has played with asymmetrical lengths and texture.

Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Photo 1: Colleen Moore via the Huffington Post


Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Photo 2:

Most Popular Haircut 2022: Shags Then and Now 

We first saw shags explode into pop culture in the 1970s. The look was donned by males and females alike, blurring the lines between gender, and whomever wore it was automatically, effortlessly cool. The overall style has remained relatively the same, but has picked up some new additions along the way. Shags combine layers and fringe to add a flowy “wash and wear” appearance and are perfect for all lengths and textures of hair.

The shag haircut has been around for the past few years and doesn’t look like it is leaving anytime soon. For those with naturally curly hair, the shag can complement your loose, wild style. People with pin-straight hair can achieve some sought-after dimension by adopting the shag haircut. The best part of a shag? It’s almost impossible to mess up. The cut itself is not well-defined, and its aim is to lack structure. 

The 1970s shag was a bit more face-framing and “helmet like,” and has definitely evolved in the past three decades. The 2022 shag draws inspo from its predecessor, but has a new, fresh twist.

Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Photo 3: Jane Fonda’s 70s Shag via Pinterest


Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Photo 4: Modern Shag via


Most Popular Haircut 2022: Layers Then and Now 

If you’re not already thinking it, The Rachel (from popular sitcom Friends) may be the first famous introduction we had to layers. Named after Jennifer Aniston’s character on the 1990s cult hit, the haircut was requested everywhere by people across the globe. Layers are functional, face-framing, and still fashionable in 2022, and we’re seeing the cut make a comeback. Though it is best showcased on longer locks, layers can be executed on any length of hair–even pixie cuts. 

For people who feel like their hair is lifeless, layers are an instant way to revive your mane. The intention of the haircut is to give the impression of long, voluminous hair by creating different levels of dimension throughout the style. Hairdressers will cut your strands shorter by your crown while leaving your lower locks longer, then blending it together for a layered look. The iconic look hasn’t changed a ton since the 1990s, but it’s easy to put your own spin on the style. 

The 2022 version of the 90s haircut is a little longer, and a lot more versatile. Layers, as the name itself denotes, can be done in tiers of virtually any kind.

Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Photo 5: Jennifer Aniston via Vogue


Most Popular Haircut Right Now?

Photo 6: Bella Hadid via Vogue


Most Popular Haircut Right Now: Bangs as a Bonus

Bangs are too big of a beauty giant to include in just one decade, so Haircuts for Humans says to go for it no matter your style. The short haircut accessory has been included in bobs, shags, and layers alike, giving any look that extra boost you’ve been craving. Bangs actually date back to the 8th century (yes, you read that right) and were thought to be popularized by Cleopatra herself. Getting bangs can be a bold decision, as they require patience when getting used to making the style just right. In England the look is known as “fringe” and it has remained a popular go-to of fashion icons who set the stage for style.

Coming in every shape you can imagine, bangs can be worn side-swept, in a “curtain” look down the middle, or even in a blunt line across the forehead. Customizing “fringe” is as easy as letting your stylist know your personal preferences, and telling them how much you’re willing to work with the cut everyday. If you don’t want to get an entirely new haircut this season, bangs could be a quick fix to freshen up your face without going all in.

Haircuts for Humans is Here for You (and Your New Do)

Our team is tickled to get to research the most popular haircuts right now, while finding out what they looked like way back when. Finding fashion trends that suit your individual style doesn’t have to be a daunting task; check out our blog to browse new looks and avoid potential bad hair days at the same time. What haircut are you going to try out for 2022? Let us know in a comment below! We’re dying to hear how your hair feels about today’s trends.

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