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Best Men’s Haircuts for Summer

Hot Boy Summer is a thing, whether Megan Thee Stallion said it or not. Yes, men may not pay quite as much attention to their appearance, but the hair has to be on point. We’ve seen a lot of experimental styles become more mainstream, and some classics have stuck around for the summer. Men tend to look for function over fashion, and luckily the best men’s haircuts for summer achieve just that. Keep an eye out for a look that suits your summer vibe and let your barber (or stylist) do the rest. Summer 2022 is all about low maintenance, high style. Think short sides, mop tops, crew cuts, and fades; it seems like nothing is off limits this season.

Best Men’s Haircuts for Summer: Buzz Off, Bro

The Classic Buzzcut has been around since, well, this is hard to date…but let’s go with the beginning of time. It is a last resort option when you get a bad style, sometimes the result of a dare, but luckily it is also in style this summer. The buzz cut is the lowest amount of effort you could possibly imagine putting forth, allowing you to spend time chilling instead of coiffing your mane. Expert stylists advise you don’t take the clippers to your head yourself; though the look looks fairly fool-proof, a barber will be able to shape the cut to your face and head shape to avoid any fashion faux pas. This style is great for any guy living in unbearable heat as it provides maximum airflow and zero hassle. If you aren’t ready to shave it all off, but want to be almost as daring, a crew cut is the next best step and provides some security flow.

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French Crop Hairsytle for Men

A French Crop is essentially half buzzcut, half tight fringe on top. Maybe a more stylish, sideways version of the mullet. This style has been spotted in high fashion atmospheres as of late, and allows wearers to stay cool literally and metaphorically. The look does take some confidence to rock, as it is a bit avant garde; a lot of stylists will use scissors to clip the top layer of hair, which produces a bold, bangs-esque result. Nonetheless, the French Crop might be that certain je ne sais quoi you’ve been pining after. The style instantly says you know what’s on trend, even if your only goal was to stop yourself from sweating all summer.

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Best Men’s Haircuts for Summer: Mid-Level Mane Man

The Short Pomp is a new-age twist on the Classic Pompadour first popularized by Elvis. The suave style lends itself to old Hollywood, and certainly made a statement with its wavy, full front. The staple of a pompadour is the “slicked back” poof created by swiping the hair from your forehead back, and slicking the sides of the hair as tight as possible. The Short Pomp makes things way easier; your barber will essentially give you a “high and tight” while keeping as much on the top of your mop as possible. If you want to achieve the Short Pomp and wear it the right way, you’ll have to grow your hair out at least 4-5 inches, but you can do a mock-pomp with much less. Make sure you’re comfortable with using pomade so you can keep your locks in place.

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Are Mullets Back?

Mullets are back, whether you like it or not. We aren’t mad about it, especially since it has a sleeker, cleaner look to it this time around. Mullets first made their way onto heads around the world in the 1980s; the cut had been kicking around for a while, but seemed to be everywhere a few decades ago. Popular 90s group, the Beastie Boys, kept the mullet alive when they rapped, “number one on the side and don’t touch the back, number six on the top and don’t cut it wack, Jack.” This look certainly turned heads, and became known as “business in the front, party in the back.” Even though mullets were somewhat of a joke until last year, the men’s haircut somehow became cool once again. Mullets are still a thing in 2022, with new fashion forms of it coming in hot for summer.

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Best Men’s Haircuts for Summer: Full Flows

Rounded layers aren’t just for the ladies. Stars like Adam Driver have made this long manly lob a staple in pop culture, nodding to looks once sported in almost every recent decade. Surfer dudes, rockstars, artists…the rounded layers are usually worn by eccentric types. This look is simple, easy to manage, and perfect to hit the beach with this summer. Having longer locks won’t help you with keeping yourself cool, but sporting a headband, bandana, or half-up-half-down look is an easy way to get your hair out of your way. Ask your barber or hairdresser to add layers and textures throughout, keeping a “messy” effortless style in mind. When maintaining the cut, just ask your stylist to take a few inches off while maintaining the cut as much as possible. Rounded layers look best on dudes with square or oval faces to add some softness around the jawline. It’s one of the best men’s haircuts for summer because it says “let’s relax” without saying much at all.

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Curly Bob Hairstyle for Men

The bob-length curly coif is something we’ve had on our radar for a minute, and this men’s haircut is here to stay. It’s perfect for guys who want to take it easy this summer and let their natural flow live its best life. Ask your barber or hairdresser to take some length off around the sides and as high as the earlobe. Have them give you a “loose bang” while keeping some inches so they don’t curl too short. 

Curls are becoming so popular a lot of guys have even started to get perms. Jack Harlow has been asked about his curly cut more than once, and swears it is the hair he was born with. To add some more wave to your hair, ask your barber to cut in a little texture so when you’re just out of the shower, a little product will give you some extra spirals. The bob-length curl can be whatever you want it to be, just like you’re probably picturing for your summer.

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Have a Hot Guy Summer with Haircuts for Humans

We might write a lot of content that has to do with ladies’ looks, but we always have our boys’ backs. Haircuts for Humans is exactly what the name entails: your hub for all hair-related needs. We want you to live your best life this summer, and that means making sure your new do is serving some serious looks. If you want to try some of the longer cuts but don’t have the length yet, check out our article on how to grow out your hair fast. Comment below to let us know what cuts worked for you and what kind of hair-mystery you want us to solve next. 

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